Greece! Summer Revolutionary Yachting Destination

It has been few years already that charter guests and yachting experts say Greece is becoming the new yacht charter destination but the numbers haven’t quite shown it yet. This summer 2020 the odds are in Greece’s favor! Although Athens is the main starting point for most of yacht charters in Greece and offering the […]

The Best Time to Visit the South of France: Yacht Charter Season

Imagine yourself at the helm of your yacht – the warm ocean breeze in your hair, the sunshine on your bare shoulders and the azure Mediterranean stretching out all around you.  The South of France is one of the most spectacular yachting destinations in the world and sailing along these shores is nothing short of […]

Have a Memorable Island-hopping Experience: Athens and The Saronic Islands

An enchanting new destination combined with a luxurious Aegean yacht charter experience create the special vacation everybody desires. Completely decompress on board of a luxurious yacht while indulging in the delicious dishes and exquisite champagne offered on board. Let the reinvigorating breeze caress your tanned skin and adventure into discovering the plethora of surprises hidden […]

The Perfect Getaway — 007 Style

Are you itching for that life of adventure? A life where you spend your days chasing the villain and nights in opulent luxury with a beautiful girl? Then look no further than Regina, the yacht that Agent 007 himself recently used to navigate the waters of the Mediterranean. In Skyfall, the new action-packed James Bond […]

Great Things to Do and Visit When on a Yacht Around the Cyclades, Greece

With a rich history, serene beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, a bustling nightlife, and many memorable surprises, Greece is one of the best European destinations. Visiting its beautiful cities is an incredible way to spend your vacation, but exploring the stunning Greek islands while on a luxurious yacht is the best choice as it will make you […]

Summer Yachting Destinations

Summer is the season to travel to the world’s most beautiful and exclusive enclaves. “It’s the time to be in the hottest Mediterranean ports of call, looking for emblematic and chic new places, eating at the best restaurants, lounging in world class clubs and mingling with the international elite,” says Joan Plana, the director of […]

Destination Spotlight: South of France

This week we want to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite destinations – the South of France. You can visit tranquil islands to bustling cities such as St. Tropez and Cannes. And top it all off with amazing Mediterranean weather, you can easily see why this is one of the world’s most popular […]

Healing Properties of the Sea

Online Magazine TPE POST just featured an article explaining the healing properties of the Sea and mentioning again World Yacht Group as the yacht charter specialist! Here you have few paragraphs of the article: – The mysterious and amazing healing power of water has been utilized for centuries. Water cleanses, refreshes and restores all life. […]

7 Reasons You Can’t Miss the South of France on Your Yacht Charter

Even for those accustomed to la vie en rose, a yacht charter to the French Riviera is like seeing this corner of the world for the first time. Whether you’re eager to anchor up to a bustling nightlife scene or cozy up for a romantic night on the water, the South of France is home […]

Top 10 Secret Places to Visit on a Luxury Yacht in Ibiza & Formentera

Are the pressing crowds of the everyday beaches in Ibiza threatening to spoil your chartered yacht experience? Do you like stumbling upon some new place, some hidden gem? Well, this list is tailor-made for you. Here are some secret places that allure with privacy and Ibiza flair. Cala Llentrisca Purported to be one of the […]