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137.13 ft
/ 41.8 m


26 футов


Ferretti Custom Line

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Крейсерская скорость

13 узлов

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16 узлов


2 х кпп л.с.

Валовой тоннаж

348 тонн





Vessel Name: M TOGETHER

The vessel M TOGETHER is a magnificent piece of maritime engineering built in the year 2023 by the renowned Italian shipbuilding company – Ferretti Custom Line. This floating beauty has an imposing length of 41.8 meters or 137 feet 2 inches, making it one of the most luxurious and sizeable motor yachts available. Constructed using state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge design, it is a standout in the NAVETTA 42 model series and it’s a pride of the prestigious Ferretti Custom Line fleet.

The exterior form and interior layout of M TOGETHER exude luxury, comfort, and functionality all intertwined to cater to the discerning tastes of yacht owners. Built with the distinctive Ferretti craftsmanship, this motor yacht showcases the epitome of innovative design, engineering marvel, exquisite styling, and intricate attention to detail.

At 41.8 meters in length, M TOGETHER is a classic example of a voluminous and spacious motor yacht. It offers plenty of living spaces spread over its sleek and streamlined structure, giving owners and guests the ultimate luxurious maritime experience. Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated yacht party or seeking a tranquil seaside retreat, this vessel offers ample space for any event or occasion.

M TOGETHER is not just a display of grandeur, but it is also a testament to design. The large external areas are ideal for spending time enjoying unobstructed ocean views or dining under the stars, while interiors boast a variety of multi-functional areas for relaxation, entertainment, and socialising. Intelligently designed, this motor yacht balances private and social spaces brilliantly, making it well-suited to hosting large gatherings without compromising the levels of comfort and privacy.

The naval architecture and exterior design of this Ferretti Custom Line masterpiece ensure smooth cruising even in choppy waters –a feature that makes it ideal for long-distance voyaging. The NAVETTA 42 series, to which M TOGETHER belongs, is designed to offer maximum comfort when at sea. Its design supports outstanding seaworthiness, improved comfort during navigation, and efficient fuel consumption.

The building technique of this yacht reflects the Ferretti’s commitment to sustainability with materials and processes having minimal environmental impact. It features advanced propulsion systems that significantly reduce noise and vibration levels. The use of top-notch sustainable materials not only offers durability but also gives the vessel a seamless and timeless aesthetic appeal.

M TOGETHER is not just about external beauty and inner comfort; it’s also about performance. As a motor yacht, its propulsion system is innovative and fuel-efficient with top speeds that redefine maritime luxury cruising. It is equipped with technologically advanced navigation and communication systems that ensure secure voyaging in various sea conditions.

The interiors of the M TOGETHER are nothing short of opulent. Designed with sophistication in mind, they carry the aura of a luxury villa floating on water. The timeless style of this NAVETTA 42 model blends with modern features to provide a unique marine living experience. With comfortable and spacious cabins, extravagant saloons, modern kitchens, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems, the vessel offers a sense of homeliness while being surrounded by the vastness of sea.

Onboard M TOGETHER, you can expect to find an assortment of water toys and leisure facilities, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your sea adventure. Its wide swim platform provides easy access to the sea, inviting guests to plunge into the crystal clear waters and engage in various water sports activities.

In conclusion, M TOGETHER is not merely a vessel; it’s an experience, an exquisite manifestation of the nutshell of luxury sailing. Crafted by the world-class Ferretti Custom Line, this 41.8-meter motor yacht offers an unparalleled level of luxury and comfort, promising unforgettable sea journeys. Despite its size, it strikes the right balance between style, functionality, performance, and sustainability. The M TOGETHER is indeed a class apart in the world of luxury motor yachts.


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