Sherpa 80

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Cabin Configuration

Offered at:


Approx. Conversion:






80.74 ft
/ 24.61 m


23 ft


Arcadia Yachts

Year Built


Year Refit

Cruising Speed

12 Knots

Max Speed

23 Knots


2 X Volvo Penta hp

Gross Tonnage

134 tons





The Sherpa 80, built by the renowned Arcadia Yachts in 2021, is a magnificent and innovative motor yacht that provides its owners with an opulence and grace that is unmatched in today’s maritime market. This motor yacht is meticulously designed and notable for its beautiful lines, sporting a length of 24.61m (measure equivalent to 80′ 9″). Crafted with designers’ passion and crafted with the keen attention to detail that epitomizes the Arcadia Yachts tradition, the Sherpa 80 is a splendid sea-faring vessel that effortlessly marries functionality, comfort, and elegance.

The Sherpa 80’s most striking feature is its state-of-the-art design that emanates sophistication. With its construction completed in 2021, the vessel remains a contemporary exemplar among luxury yachts, showcasing not just seafaring prowess but also cutting-edge maritime technology. Its maritime engineering is a testament to the builder’s commitment to innovation and exceptional craftsmanship.

Its sizable length of 24.61m guarantees ample space for both internal and external areas. Built to the highest international standards by Arcadia Yachts, a prominent yacht builder in Italy known for their commitment to sustainable technologies, the Sherpa 80 combines luxe and eco-friendly design. Boasting generous interior volume and expansive deck areas, this motor yacht provides plenty of space for socializing, relaxation, and fun under the sun.

At 80′ 9″, the Sherpa 80 can accommodate up to 8 guests in spacious, comfortable 4 cabins designed with blends of elegant panelling and signature soft furnishings. The quality materials are complemented by warm colour tones to create a welcoming atmosphere. Each cabin is equipped with large windows, allowing ample natural light to fill the room while providing an excellent view of the ocean for passengers.

The salon is equally opulent, designed with high-end fittings and plush furniture. The aft deck leads to a modern galley and a state-of-the-art media lounge, providing the yacht with an extended entertainment area. The intelligent layout means that this space is not just aesthetically pleasing but is also functional, ensuring a comfortable journey for the guests and the crew.

Among the prominent external features is the large foredeck with its sundrenched lounging area, providing the perfect space for relaxation and enjoying spectacular seascape views. The aft deck houses an alfresco dining area, perfect for those wanting to enjoy a beautiful sunset over a meal cooked in the open-air galley.

The vessel’s power comes from its twin motors that can cruise through the waters majestically, guaranteeing smooth sailing. The Sherpa 80 also prides in its excellent stability and seaworthiness, making it suitable for both short trips in inshore waters or longer offshore voyages.

An impressive attribute of Sherpa 80 is the builder’s commitment to sustainability. Arcadia Yachts integrates photovoltaic panels in their vessels’ structures, creating renewable energy that can power onboard systems, reduce generator fuel consumption, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. The same eco-conscious design is evident in Sherpa 80, ensuring that you can enjoy the luxuries of a motor yacht without causing harm to the environment.

The Sherpa 80 is more than just a motor yacht; it’s a testament to Arcadia Yachts’ innovative and quality craftsmanship. It offers an unrivalled seafaring experience that combines opulence, comfort, performance, and sustainability. In a nutshell, the Sherpa 80 is a perfect blend of luxury and innovation, making it one of the finest motor yachts that the maritime industry has to offer. Every journey on the Sherpa 80 promises to be a memorable one, whether you plan a day of relaxation or an adventure-filled trip on the high seas.


Sherpa 80

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Sherpa 80

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