Управление яхтами


Yacht Management Operations


Operating a yacht is like operating a company; it requires strength, knowledge and efficiency.

World Yacht Group is strategically located in America and Europe allowing our yachts to have always personal taking care of their needs. Simple operations like dockage, fuel bunkering, provisioning could become very difficult for the crew without external help. Our team will always make sure any operation is well coordinated effectively and at the right cost.

In yachting each member has their own role. The captain and the crew are the ones who will look after the yacht and make sure everything works in-place, we, the management team organizes the rest: the full spectrum of management such as yacht marketing, cruise planning, customs paperwork, financial advice & reports, shipping, etc.


World Yacht Group understands the importance of a careful and efficient financial yacht management.

Our management team works together with the owners and captains to ensure an accurate, customized and efficient annual budget with monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

Offering dedicated accounts for each yacht is the key to control the yacht’s expenditure and to ensue good financial operations such as foreign currency transactions, wire transfers and nearly real time synchronization. Managing a yacht worth millions requires good financial management skills and the team at World Yacht Group has the ability to control all aspects of it.

Yacht Management Administration

Crew Service

The quality and professionalism of the crew are essential for an efficient & pleasant yacht operation for both the owner and guests. The crew is as important as the quality of the yacht. WYG offers full support to the owners and captain with a crew recruitment service.

Our experienced team understands the demands of modern yachting and due to it, we are in constant contact with captains and crew from around the world. 

We retain a large database of trained and qualified crew members available for placement.

Safety & Security

World Yacht Group is committed to ensure the highest safety and quality management system for the yachts; always being compliant with all the rules and regulations designated by IMO (International Maritime Organization) and SOLAS (Safety of life at sea).

All yachts over 500 GT managed by World Yacht Group are provided with an ISM (International Safety Management). The ISM is a requirement for all commercial yachts over 500Tn that ensures quality control for safety, environmental protection, prevention of human injury or loss of life and communication between yacht crew and management personal ashore.

A “Mini – ISM” has been also created for all commercial vessels managed by World Yacht Group under 500GT and over 300GT.

Our management team provides everything a yacht needs from a shore based organization in full compliance with the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code). We survey the yacht and then submit an assessment and plan to the flag state. The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code is an amendment to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) on minimum security arrangements for ships, ports and government agencies.

* ISPS is applied for all vessels over 500Tn.

Emergency Response Service: World Yacht Group offers a 24 h – 365 days Emergency Response and Support Service to all our managed vessels. One call to a Designated Person Ashore (DPA) number triggers this service and activates our response team as required by the ISM code. This system is of great assistance to yachts in difficult situations. Includes emergency technical support, medical advice, rescue services, coastguards, towage companies, legal advice, etc.

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