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Although the continents aren’t numbered, it’s no secret that making it to the seventh continent, also known as Antarctica, is something only one can dream of visiting because you cannot get there by any commercial airline.
The continent is blanketed with ice and is very untouched. Gliding past icebergs, penguins, and polar bears, discovering Antarctica by yacht charter is a one of a kind experience.
Yachts for Charter Antarctica

King George Island

The Antarctica adventure begins in Maxwell Bay, King George Island, which is known as the unofficial capital. King George is the largest island of the South Shetlands and holds the first Orthodox church of Antarctica. After settling into your surroundings, you will head to the first of Deception Island.

The volcanic Deception island is not to be missed when visiting Antarctica. You can enter Whalers Bay by going through a narrow channel in the volcano’s walls known as Neptune’s Bellows. You can see the sulfurous steam rising off the beach and dig your feet into the warm black sand.

The next stop is the impressive harbor of Port Lockroy which is a part of British Antarctica that is a designated historic site. If you’re into wildlife, with a particular interest in everyone’s favorite flightless bird, Cuverville Island is the home of the largest Gentoo penguin colony on the peninsula.

Antarctic Sound

Iceberg Alley, Antarctic Sound is the northeastern point of the Antarctic Peninsula. You can dock and visit Adelaide penguin colonies at Devil Island, Brown Bluff, or Paulet Island. If time and winter season permit, you can explore the Northern fringes of the Weddell Sea to search for emperor penguins that breed only during the winter on nearby Snow Hill Island. During the summer season, the emperor penguins are more difficult to see because their colonies have dispersed.

However, you may get lucky and see one resting on the ice if you dedicate the time to search. Another great sight to see that’s dependent on weather conditions is attempting to transit ‘The Gullet’. Sandwiched in between Adelaide Island and the Tyndall Mountains is this narrow passage offering exquisite mountain scenery on the east side of this wonderfully hidden channel.

The rarely visited passage way opens up to Marguerite Bay. This area was first visited by a French Polar explorer and only a few make the time and effort to come this far south to see this bay. With a full 24 hours of sunlight, explore rarely visited sites such as Bourgeois Fjord and Jenny Island which is the world’s southernmost elephant seal colony.

Yachts for Charter Antarctica
Yachts for Charter Antarctica

Paradise Harbor

For the next stop, every guest should have their cameras ready because it’s not nicknamed “Kodak Gap ” for nothing. Paradise Harbor and passing through the Lemaire Channel is every photographer’s dream.

The majestic iceberg of Paradise Bay and the mountains reflected in the dark blue water are unbelievable. Pass beneath multi-colored cliffs, blue-green copper deposits, emerald green moss, and the yellows of the lichens. You can go ashore and wander along with the Gentoo penguins.

Don’t forget to look out for seals and the giant humpback whales. Continuing on to the continental mainland of Antarctica at Neko Harbor, venture up the snow covered hills where you can capture video footage of calving – where ice breaks off of the glacier.

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