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  • The excitement, enjoyment and pleasure of bringing your ambitions, dreams and desires to reality by creating the boat you’ve dreamed about!
  • Our experienced and knowledgeable team of advisors are ready to partner with you and build your dream yacht.
  • Our comprehensive knowledge and network of shipyards, designers, engineers and contractors allows us to advise and choose the right place to build your yacht.
  • Our project management team will be an invaluable asset to you during the construction of your custom yacht by overseeing every aspect of the project as well as the budget to be certain that no unforeseen issues, delays or expenses can arise.

The advice:

Whether you are looking for a custom-series, fully custom yacht, semi-displacement, full-displacement or fast-displacement yacht, our yacht advisors and chosen project manager will advise you of each detail needed for a successful result.

From the right shipyard to the right designer we will build your yacht according to your needs.

Our Team - World Yacht Group
Custom Series - Yacht New Build

The custom–series construction:

The shortcut to a new yacht ownership:

Owners can personalize a proven hull design by customizing the interior design, minor layout changes and some superstructure details achieving a quicker completion and delivery.

It is a cost-effective process that will allow you to use the yacht in a shorter time from signature.

The fully Custom construction:

This is the ultimate creative experience.

Bring your ideas, dreams and desires to reality by building a custom super yacht from scratch.

From the hull design to the most detailed engineering development of the exterior styling and the fully customized interior – have it built your way.

Fully Custom Yacht Build

How do we do it?

Our yacht brokers negotiate the contracts and together with the project managers they monitor each specific stage of the construction, working hand-in-hand with you, your captain, the designer and the shipyard. It’s a beautiful and rewarding partnership.

The process for the best result:

  • Vision of the yacht concept
  • The right shipyard / designer / engineers choice
  • The accurate contracts to eliminate financial risks
  • The design of the yacht
  • The process of building
  • Recommendation on registration & ownership structures
  • The sea trials
  • Crew selection & management
  • The delivery and the warranty support to ensure the pleasure and long-term functionality of the yacht

Our Network of Shipyards

Build Your Yacht

Let us guide you in this process.

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