Yacht Charter Guide

Yacht Charter Guide

Yacht Charter Guide

Like most of our clients tell us: – There is no better way to spend a vacation than on board a luxury yacht.

Yachts are elegant, comfortable, luxurious and they are equipped with the latest in entertainment and water toys.

Chartering a yacht offers you a wide range of possibilities; is like a five stars floating mansion… you can wake up every morning in different places, sail around areas that are only accessible by sea without having to move from your comfort zone, be in the middle of the action and still have your own private area and most important, have the highest level of 24/7 service from your crew on board.

Choosing Your Yacht Broker

When choosing a brokerage company is important to make sure you will be provided with a qualified broker who will personally take care of you and your guests for the whole length of charter to make sure all your needs and requests are met. This dedicated broker should be accessible during the whole length of your charter.

When you charter a yacht you are able to customize every detail during your charter period. Our experienced brokers speak several languages, have a good knowledge of the yachts and know the profile and service each yacht’s crew provides. Because every client is different, our team analyzes every client’s needs, specific requests and will advise accordingly to make sure you end up in the right priced yacht, with the right crew and in the right spot so you can have the experience of a lifetime.

We will advise on sailing plans and itineraries, places to visit and most important, we are always available to help you.

Type of Charters

Family charters: Family yacht charters are very common in our practice so be assured we will take in consideration all parents and children’s needs. Our brokers will make sure the crew is aware of every detail and can conduct the charter in child-friendly and safe manner. Experienced crews will create kid activities so adults can have a their own time and space during the vacations.

Group charters: Friends get-together on a yacht is definitely one of the most fun memorable trips you will ever make. There is always the perfect excuse to do it. A yacht allows you and your friends to be together enjoying every second of the day in a private way with only the people of your choice around.

Have the chef prepare exquisite menus, the crew to ambience the yacht as a small lounge party in the evening, enjoy water-skiing with your girlfriend or boyfriend, snorkel around turquoise waters… and the options go on and on.

Corporate events: Chartering a hospitality yacht - is taking your event to the next level. A yacht is the perfect venue for a business event as it sets a high profile for your company image and makes you stand out from your competitors. Business meetings, private parties, dinners, presentation of a new product, VIP’s accommodations and the list goes on… Our brokers will work with you or your marketing team to make sure the event creates the right impression and sends the right message!

Type of Yachts

World Yacht Group offers a wide range and variety of yachts for any occasion and need.

From sailing yachts to performance superyachts. Do you want to move from place to place fast? we will offer a sports yacht. Do you want to have a large space on board with many deck areas? we will offer a triple deck yacht, or you just want to have a mid-size yacht with a nice deck?... we will offer you a fly bridge yacht. The options are endless and every yacht is different: classic, modern, art deco, etc. Let our yacht brokers present you some options.

How Does Booking Works

The charter booking process is easy and always personalized and handled by one of our yacht expert who will advise and guide you every step of the way on a professional and discrete manner. We advise to book your yacht charter four to six months in advance to find the perfect yacht as many options will still be available.

Contact us and let us know your destination of choice, time of travel, number of people, length of your charter and budget if any. Our experts will then analyze this information and advise you on the best yachts available. If you happen not to have this information or are not sure about the details, let us advise you of every possibility. Our yacht brokers have travelled to most of the yachting destinations, seen all the yachts and met all the crews. They will be able to provide you an insightful advise that will ensure a successful trip.

Once the yacht, destination, and time of travel are arranged, we will proceed to sign a legal contract. The contract will be signed by yourself (the charterer) the broker and the owner of the yacht.

Charter Terms

Most of the charter rates and conditions are based on the Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association (MYBA). We find some exceptions like the Caribbean terms or Bareboat charters in US waters.

MYBA terms:

  • The charter rate includes: the charter of the yacht with all its equipment, crew, laundry of yacht’s linen, crew’s wages and food, insurance of the yacht and crew.
  • The charter rate does not include: Fuel, mooring costs, food and beverages for all the charter party, on board communication fees, shore transportation and other expenses that may occur.
  • 50% payment upon signature of the charter contract
  • 50% balance + Advance Provisioning Allowance (A.P.A.) + any VAT or extra fees 30 days prior the embarking date
  • VAT varies depending on the cruising area
  • What is the A.P.A.: Is by standard 30% of the charter fee. The APA amount is used to cover expenses that are not included on the charter rate. In the event of cancellation of the charter the APA is refundable. The captain of the yacht is responsible for accounting for all APA expenses during the charter, and the breakdown will be presented to you in a clear manner at the end of the charter. If the costs incurred during the course of the charter are less than the APA deposit, then the difference will be refunded to the Charterer at the end of the charter.


  • The charter rate includes: the charter of the yacht with all its equipment, crew, laundry of yacht’s linen, crew’s wages and food, insurance of the yacht and crew, fuel, food and beverages.
  • The charter rate does not include: Port fees on some yachts, alcoholic drinks, some special food, on board communication fees and shore transportation and other expenses that may occur.
  • 50% payment upon signature of the charter contract
  • 50% balance + any VAT or extra fees 30 days prior the embarking date

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I specify the food and drinks served during my charter?
  • Of course! All food and beverage preferences are discussed prior to the charter and we will ask you to fill out our Preference Charter Form where you will be able to choose any types of food you like, wines, liquor, brands of water and sodas, style of breakfast, etc… Every detail counts and we will make sure we have you covered.
  • Can I smoke on board?
  • Depends on every yacht. Ask your booking broker to let you know the smoking rules of every yacht. Most of yachts do not allow smoking inside for safety reasons but they have some designated areas in the outdoors or decks.
  • How much should I tip the crew?
  • Crew gratuity is at charterer discretion, although it is customary when you have enjoyed your stay and the attentive service of the crew. The suggested tip is between 5% to 15% of the charter fee, to be split equally between the crew.
  • Do you have further questions? Please contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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