Why Own a Yacht?

There is always the debate between: Should I charter or should I buy? Both are great options but owning you own yacht is a step above and really worth the investment, why? Here a few reasons:

7 Benefits of Owning a Yacht

  • Flexibility on when to use it and where to use it.
  • Choose the crew you like and feel connected with.
  • Make it your second home, not just a temporary vacation setting. You know exactly what you will find, how it is, with your comfort items on board at all times. Not to mention this is a home that moves: One week in France, one month in Italy, winters in Caribbean, etc. are just a few of the splendid possibilities.
  • You can own a yacht and not have to pay for any maintenance at the end of the year as you can charter and cover all the maintenance expenses plus even make a profit on top.
  • Invite anyone you want, at any moment, without having any restrictions and knowing for sure they’ll have a great time since is your yacht and everything on board is how you expect to be.
  • An investment in your lifestyle and pleasure.
  • It’s YOUR yacht!
Why Own a Yacht

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