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The Bahamas have seven hundred islands that span an area exceeding 100,000 square miles of ocean. The Bahamas archipelago also features two thousand scenic islands and cays. 

There is no other place on the planet with clearer waters than the Bahamas. Exploring these islands by yacht will prove to be one of the most unforgettable experiences in your life.

A yacht charter in the Bahamas is the most exciting vacation you, your family and friends will have.

Nassau - Yacht Charter Destinations


Start your journey, and experience urban excitement while exploring the streets and visiting the National Art Gallery for the Bahamas in the capital city of Nassau.

The next day, cruise your yacht over to Harbour Island for a day of shopping and eating in high-class restaurants.

Another day can be spent scuba diving in Highborne Cay and then heading to Allan’s Cay to witness the iguanas running about while you wade through the crystal blue waters.

With the freedom to go anywhere with your private chartered yacht, island-hopping will provide a wide range of diverse experiences.

Yacht Charter the Exumas

Though dotted with the occasional ruins, the Exumas are a string of over 365 cays and islands that are unspoiled by modern civilization and are scattered for 100 miles across a vast blue sea. 

From snorkeling and diving to kayaking and waterskiing, chartering a yacht in the Exumas offers endless thrilling and engaging opportunities for fun.

As you approach Big Major Cay, you’ll be welcomed by more than fish and iguanas–pigs have inhabited this section of the Exumas (otherwise known as “Pig Beach”) for years.

Feed these lovable pink animals celery and carrot sticks while you snap a few Instagram-worthy photos with them, and you’ll have unique memories and stories to share for years to come.

Exumas - Yacht Charter Destinations

Compass Cay

If you need an adrenaline fix, you won’t have to look far–cruise your private chartered yacht over to Compass Cay, a private island in the Outer Exumas, and hold your breath as you swim with nurse sharks.

No need to worry about getting bitten–marina workers feed these easygoing predators sufficient food so they won’t see you as a meal.

Luxury Dining along the Bahamian Shoreline

With a multitude of uninhabited islands at your fingertips, you’ll have your pick of amazing beach settings where you can enjoy many private dining experiences.

Your yacht chefs and crew will take care of all the details–from setting up cabanas and tables to creating multicourse meals from a range of cuisines of your choosing.

Whether it be Italian, Japanese, classic American BBQ, or anything else, our chefs will take your preferences and dietary requirements into account and plan top-quality meals.

There’s nothing better than watching the tropical sunset as you savor local fish and other dishes that will leave your palate more than satisfied.

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