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While there are corners of this world that have become popular yachting destinations, few hold the majesty and the track record of the Nile Delta region where the Red Sea has been a pleasure cruising destination for over 5,000 years .

Ancient ruins that dot the landscape speak to the eons this sea and delta have been a favorite cruising destination for people all across the globe. Filled with both wonders of both nature and antiquity, the Red Sea offers a fantastic retreat for the discerning yachting enthusiast.

With potential ports of call all the way up and down the coast, the Red Sea is a fantastic place to get away from it all and lose yourself in the majesty of the trip. The cities along the coast are beautiful hubs of Egyptian culture with fantastic cuisine and colorful bazaars to spend time shopping and socializing in. With unlimited potential, these hidden gems of the Nile will make one of the best yachting trips you can find.

Sharm El Sheikh

This beautiful city is one of the most famous yachting destinations in Egypt, located on the
southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Its central location that features a blissful subtropical arid
climate that draws in vacationers from all around the world.

Featuring beautiful resorts and
bazaars celebrating the colorful handicraft of Bedouin culture, the lively city has everything the
aspiring world traveler is looking for, which makes it a fantastic port of call for a private yachting charter.

Sharm El Sheikh is also a fantastic hub for excursions to beautiful locations such as the hidden city of Petra and Mt. Sinai, the mountain of Moses. It is also close to Ras Mohamed National Park, one of the premier protected sites in the Red Sea for divers to view over 2,000 different species of coral and fish native to this beautiful ecosystem.

Tawila Island

Putting in near Tawila is a treat not many commercial yachting companies participate in,
which makes it the perfect place to spend your chartered luxury cruise. Take a dip in the clear seawater and swim with dolphins along these ancient shores, or put in and take part in Tawila’s most famous sport; kite surfing. With several excursion companies ready to assist you, you can be zipping around on the waves pulled by a rainbow of color on the salty sea breeze.

Diving and snorkeling are also popular around this small island group. Fish are abundant at certain times of the year, and you can commission a chef as part of the many excursion
packages to the island to cook a fantastic meal for you right on the beach. A secluded hidden
gem of the Red Sea which makes for a great stop to fit into a leisurely schedule.

Egypt & Red Sea Yacht Charter

Hurghada and Giftun Islands

Anchoring off the coast of the Giftun Islands near the city of Hurghada can be an exceptional
stay on your personally chartered yacht. While the beaches outside Hurghada are filled with
beautiful coral that will require shoes to explore, the Giftun Islands are covered in soft, sugar-white sands that make for a perfect place to kick back and enjoy the sun and the turquoise water lapping up on shore.

Aside from the beach activities and diving potential, Hurghada’s oldest part of town, Dahar, features a traditional bazaar with local and foreign traders coming from all around to sell their wares. There are places to take your on-shore adventure to the next level such as parasailing and taking quad-bike safaris in the Sahara. While anchored nearby, take advantage of the acclaimed local cuisine at restaurants like the Nubian Cafe & Restaurant, or international dishes at places like Gaucho, a highly acclaimed Argentinian restaurant.

Bur Safaga

Started as a therapeutic resort town in the reign of the Ptolemaic Pharaohs, Safaga has long been touted as a therapeutic and beautiful stop along the coast. Located in the Southern area of the country, Safaga is a fantastic place to drop anchor and enjoy the natural scenery of this desert oasis, which for the last two centuries has been a favorite for scuba diving along the natural reefs and coastal waters.

Safaga is also home to many onshore adventures. If you’re willing to make the drive, Luxor is inland from the city, home of the ancient city of the Pharaohs, Thebes. In the town of Safaga, itself holds a myriad of restaurants worthy of acclaim such as the La Pergola Restaurant serving fantastic local seafood, or the Panorama, a guesthouse serving up classic Egyptian dishes.

Egypt & Red Sea Yacht Charter
Egypt & Red Sea Yacht Charter

Red SEa

Whether you want to spend the day anchored off the desert coast basking in the Egyptian
sun or explore the rainbow of culture within these ancient city streets, Egypt offers a unique experience to anyone who comes to spend time in its waters.

The Red Sea offers an ancient, yet beautiful adventure without the crowded ports that have become common in the Mediterranean to the north. With many ancient cities, natural wonders and ancient sites within a day’s drive of the port, your potential for entertainment and education is nearly endless while yachting this beautiful sea.

Whether you plan to stay aboard, venture onshore, or set out towards the pyramids, be sure to consider Egypt as your next chartered yacht destination. You won’t be sorry.

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