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If you’re chasing fun, adventure, and culture, The Galapagos Islands will be the trip of a lifetime. This remotely secluded archipelago offers exhilarating views across multiple destinations in the Pacific Ocean. A yacht charter on the Galapagos Islands takes you to a different side of very abundant wildlife.
The animals have no instinctive fear of humans so you can sunbathe with the friendly sea lions. The perfect weather along the Pacific Ocean makes exploring the islands much more enjoyable. From activities such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, and exploring historical sites, a Galapagos Islands yacht experience will surely be one to remember.
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Santa Fe, Santa Cruz, Pinta, and San Cristobal

The Galapagos Islands are a South American vacation destination located on the western side of Ecuador. The archipelago is composed of 61 volcanic islands that lie across the equator. Of the 61 islands, only 13 of them can be visited by tourists on your yacht charter. Exotic destinations like Santa Fe, Santa Cruz, Pinta, and San Cristobal.

The islands have a variety of exotic flora and fauna. They are also one of the few resident locations of the giant tortoise. Other wildlife you can spot in Galapagos are seals, whales, dolphins, and albatross. You can start your yachting experience in Santa Cruz to see the giant tortoise while making your way towards Los Gemelos, hardened lava sinkholes.

Next you will head to Punta Cormorant to see green beaches made possible by olivine crystals making it perfect for swimming. While visiting Galapagos, you must stop by the most pristine island Fernandina. It is highly volcanically active with the most recent occurring in September 2017. This ecological island has different species of marine iguanas, snakes, and penguins.

San Blas Islands

San Blas Islands are another archipelago best explored by a yacht charter. It contains 360 islands and is a paradise of coral reefs, shipwrecks, and beach huts. Yacht experiences usually start in Panama. You will set sail through the famous Panama Canal to arrive at Shelter Bay on Panama’s north coast and then further east to San Blas.

The Coco Bandero Cays are some of the most beautiful in San Blas. They are surrounded by a 4 mile reef with crystal clear waters for a snorkeling paradise. So grab your snorkeling gear or hop on a clear bottomed kayak and explore the underwater world. To continue with more snorkeling fun, Isla Perro is one of the top spots in San Blas Islands. You can explore under the water at five or six meters beneath the surface to see a well preserved sunken army gunboat.

You can also spot different types of fish and large coral fans. The yacht will wrap up at Turtle Island where the turtles come to lay their eggs ashore between the months of May and August. The island is perfect to wander around or simply relax in a hammock while awaiting to enjoy a lobster dinner that was caught earlier that day.

Yachts for Charter Galapagos
Yachts for Charter Galapagos


Brazil is a place where you can discover nature, samba, and great landscaping. Just south of its capital city Rio de Janeiro, the Angras dos Reis has 365 tropical islands.

One for each day of the year and over 2,000 beaches. Ilha Grande is the largest of the 365 Brazilian islands and has 109 beaches to explore. Of these beaches, Lopes Mendes would be great for surfing while Preta beach has black sand and houses the ruins of an old prison. Bananal beach is known for its yellow sand and Parnaioca is good for wreck diving. Ilha da Gipóia is opposite of Angra dos Reis and it’s just 30 minutes away by boat with many luxury villas for rent.

When visiting here, Dentista Beach is the place to be. Countless boats here come to anchor in the summer and enjoy the yacht party life. During the summer months, you are very likely to spot a celebrity or two.


In between Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo is Paraty which is paradise for a luxury yacht experience and perfect for complete stillness and tranquility. The local town has deep colonial roots and offers a lot of history.

You can also take a hike out to the waterfalls and visit the old fishing village where you can bask yourself in local Brazilian culture with great food and music. Sailing around South America gives you the chance to explore golden beaches, beautiful mountain ranges, and rich culture dating back to the Incas and Mayans.

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