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When choosing a destination for a yachting experience on the Mediterranean, one cannot go wrong with exploring Sicily.

Just off the southern coast of Italy, Sicily is Italy’s largest island and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Aside from ancient architecture, Sicily has some of the most beautiful beaches. Sailing along eastern Sicily, you will see chalk white sand and crystal blue waters.


A Sicily yachting experience is not complete without stopping at the Aeolian Islands. The archipelago consists of seven volcanic islands and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. It is also one of Sicily’s most loved destinations.

The smallest and most chic of the seven islands is Panarea while Lipari is the largest. When you’ve had enough of snorkeling in the clear blue waters of Panarea, swimming in the coral reefs and seeing all of the volcanic activities this island has to offer, be prepared to be amazed by the other luxuries that make this island one of the top destinations for yachting in Sicily where many celebrities visit yearly.

Panarea contains a vibrant nightlife, extensive shopping and loads of high end restaurants in addition to its clear blue waters. For divers, you can visit sites like Spinazzola, Peeschiera, and Sommersa to name a few.

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Lipari - Yacht Charter Destinations


Lipari is also another top destination for luxury yachting and offers a mixture of glamour, tranquility and culture.

You can visit marine sites such as Spiaggia Bianca, Punta Canneto and Valle Muria or cultural sites like Castle Citadel and St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. For those that into skin care, Vulcano is rich in muds of sulfurous water and hydrogen sulfide which work wonders on the skin. The other islands are Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi and Salina. Filicudi is an island for those who love nature and it’s known for the beautiful small beach of Le Punte. It’s formed of large rounded pebbles and easy to access from the main street.

Alicudi is arguably the island with the least amount of activities and is also the least developed. Salina is the second largest island of the Aeolian archipelago and also known as the greenest. The island has two mountain peaks that are green with vegetation.

The port Santa Marina is large and secure for yachting and is also walking distance from many restaurants and stores. Stromboli is the island with consistent volcanic activity.

It was actually abandoned in the 1930’s due to an extreme eruption. Yachters are enticed by the lava erupting every 10 to 20 minutes that can be enjoyed during sunset from their decks.

Each island with their black sand beaches and crystal clear waters is sure to give you one of those ‘pinch me’ moments.

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The yachting continues to the historical city of Palermo. Palermo is a city filled with sites such as the Cathedral that’s dedicated to the Virgin Mary, The Palatine Chapel with the dome of Christ the Pantocrator as well as statues dedicated to other mythological figures.

While seeing cities with glittering history, Syracuse is a city who’s main attractions consist of the original settlement on the island of Ortigia as early as 734 BC. A visit to Syracuse is like taking a journey back in time as you can even see the preserved ruins of the first temple dedicated to Apollo.

With all of this and more, your yachting experience through Sicily is guaranteed to be priceless. Whether you’re into swimming, diving, sight seeing, shopping, history, or culture this experience has something for everyone to enjoy. Combining a tranquil sailing time on the bluest of waters and the opportunity to explore ancient history along the way, there is no better way to spend your holiday.

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