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When most people think of visiting Mexico, the first thing they think of is Cancun. But what a lot of people don’t know is that Mexico has so much more to offer than all inclusive hotels, clubs, and loads of college kids running around celebrating spring break.

On the Pacific Coast of Mexico lies some of the most beautiful yacht cruising grounds. The country has a versatile combination of blue waters, desert landscapes and volcanic islands.

Mexico Yacht Charter

Baja California

Mexico is also the home of the great Mayan, Aztec and Olmec empires existing more than 2,000 years ago.

With all of the great scenery that not many would think exists in Mexico, the best way to experience it all is by boat. As you cruise through the Sea of Cortez also known as the Gulf of California and seeing the beautiful deserts and beaches, then continuing to La Paz and the islands off Baja’s coast.

The waters here are one of the most diverse for marine animals such as sea turtles, dolphins, hammerhead sharks, and different species of whale like the humpback, the killer whale and the humpback whale. Baja Mexico’s Sea of Cortez is a rich body of water and has some of the most fascinating bio regions that its nicknamed “the aquarium of the world”.

Cabo San Lucas

Your yachting experience in Mexico will begin in Cabo San Lucas which is the southern tip of Baja California. This location is the starting point for many yacht cruises and it’s perfect for sailing through the Sea of Cortez.

One of the many natural attractions at this starting point is the “Corridor”. It’s a strip of land about a 18 miles long where the desert meets sea between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose. From Cabo San Lucas to La Paz you can whale watch from your yacht, go fishing, dive through the shipwrecks, caves an reefs.

La Paz sits at the end of Mexico’s Baja California Sur peninsula and the English translation is “peace”, making it the perfect place for your Mexican yacht experience.
If you want to venture away from the waters, you are free to cycle to some of the cultural sites or hop in a car to explore the beaches and deserts.

Mexico Yacht Charter

San Jose del Cabo

The next stop will be San Jose Del Cabo. Filled with local galleries, and gorgeous cobblestone streets, the authenticity is not to be missed. You can join locals in town square for a true Mexican experience.

For the diving lovers, Cabo Pulmo is the place to be because it’s where the only hard coral reef in all of North America, as well as a large National Marine Park where you can see whale sharks, humpback whales and sea turtles. Depending on the time of year you visit, you might get lucky and spot a California grey whale as they migrate here all the way from Alaska for breeding.

Overnight you will sail to Isla San Francisco and dock in horseshoe bay, The Baja anchorage is one of the most beautiful along the coastline and known for its diving and fishing areas. Isla San Francisco is known for red rock cliffs, white sand beaches and clear waters. If you enjoy hiking or fishing, Isla San Francisco would be perfect.

La Paz & Cortez Sea

Isla Espíritu Santo is the closest island to the Bay of La Paz. It’s known for its turquoise sea contrasting with red limestone cliffs. According to The Nature Conservancy, Espiritu Santo has the most intact ecosystem around the Sea of Cortez.

The coral reefs along Punta Prieta and Ensenada de la Dispensa has over 500 species of fish and sea creatures making for amazing underwater adventures for snorklers. The village of San Evaristo is known for salt panning, goat herding and fishing. This well protected anchorage is perfect for a relaxing day of sun bathing and swimming while admiring the pelicans and sea lions from your yacht with a cocktail in hand of course.

The largest and part of the oldest oceanic islands in the region is Isla Monserrate with a very impressive volcanic limestone landscape. It is part of the Bay of Loreto National Park and home to 13 species of reptile. Hikers can explore these beautiful landscape and spot animals including a species of whiptail for the island. Divers can also enjoy what below the surface as there is a versatile collection of fauna and flora.

Mexico Yacht Charter

Yacht Through Mexico

With a yacht cruise through Mexico, you will experience parts of the country that many will not get to see.

As most of the scenery is untouched, it’s still able to maintain its exclusivity being separated from the more touristy areas like Cancun and Mexico City.

Whether you enjoy wildlife, swimming, diving, hiking or simply relaxing and immersing yourself in breath taking landscapes, a yacht experience in Mexico will be one to remember.

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