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North America is surely a vast continent that can’t be taken all in upon one or even many yachting experiences.

But with visits to Alaska, New England, and Florida, you will definitely get a bulk of the beautifully diverse and authentic scenery the continent has to offer.

North America Yacht Charter

New England

For sailing across North America, New England which is the six states of the northeastern United States is considered to be the home of yachting. With its rich history, enchanting coastline and stylish landmarks like Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, there is nothing about New England that a yacht lover wouldn’t enjoy.

New England has something for everyone whether it be scenery, sporting diversity, vibrant festivals and the yachting seafront city of Newport. New England was also loved by famous figures such as President John F. Kennedy and JD Rockefeller who each spent their summers sailing around Newport which is loved for its beauty and heritage.

Your yacht experience is pretty much open to roam wherever you please. A typical experience can start in Falkner Island, Connecticut . This crescent shaped island known for The Falkner Island Lighthouse built back in the 1800’s. It still operates as a navigation point for boats to this day. A wonderful seaside city famous for being the go to summer location for wealthy American families, Newport, Rhode Island has a lot of oceanfront mansions that are now museums to visit.

You can pass through Cliff Walk along the edge of the ocean giving some of the best views of the mansion. For the beach lovers, Cape Cod, Massachusetts has some of the best beaches in the United States. You can relax on one of the beaches, kayak through the marshes and estuaries or bike along the Rail Trail and you must be sure to try some of the fresh local oysters. Not many people know that there are 3,000 islands off the coast of Maine that are untouched. 

North America Yacht Charter

Chebeague Island is one of the more developed islands and it’s only five miles wide. The island is best explored by bicycle so it’s very easy to beach hop.

The most visited destination in the New England area is the world renowned Martha’s Vineyard. Here you will find some of the most extravagant yachts, great beaches, gourmet restaurants and tons of shopping. Martha’s Vineyard is a place where many U.S. presidents have vacationed and it doesn’t disappoint because of its timeless and classy feel.

Nantucket is another must visit for a yacht experience in New England. The island contains loads of history, cool shops, art galleries and pristine seafood restaurants.

Long Island

Upon completion of your New England yacht experience, you must make a stop at Sag Harbor and the Hamptons in Long Island where New Yorkers come to play. Sag Harbor offers superb ocean views, antique shops, and gourmet eateries all along streets that are over a century old. 

Following Sag Harbor, The Hamptons offers the best of style and luxury. You can choose from celebrity chic South Hampton, beach lover zone East Hampton or the more relaxed area of West Hampton.

North America Yacht Charter

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Alaska is completely separated from the rest of the United States by Canada. It’s a state of jaw dropping landscapes, mountains, glaciers and even wildlife. Alaska is known as a top tier destination for yachting because of its pristine landscapes that most tourists arriving via airplane will not be able to experience.

An Alaskan yachting experience can take you to visit the national parks, small towns and up close views of icebergs and waterfalls. Depending on the time of year you take your Alaskan yachting experience, you can be sure to see the infamous Alaskan moose. Don’t be surprised if you also spot polar bears, seals and the humpback whale in their natural habitat. Alaska is truly a nature lover’s paradise.

Your yacht will make its way to Glacier Bay National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. You can watch glaciers fall down the mountains and land in the blue waters or you can go birdwatching for rare sea birds or kayak in Glacier Bay while passing sea otters, bears, sea lions and much more.

For the adventurous thrill seeker, Hoonah is a place that houses the ZipRider which is said to be the world’s highest zip line at a whopping 5,330 feet long with a 1,300 feet drop. Hoonah is also a great starting point for killer whale watching. While continuing your whale watching quest, it’s best to sail over to Chichagof Island. With it’s beautiful scenery and breathtaking waterfalls, topped off with Orcas and humpback whales viewed from your deck, you will feel like you are right on a scene from The Discovery Channel.

North America Yacht Charter

Aside from glaciers and waterfalls, Alaska also has a lot of greenery. Tongas National Forest located on Baranof Island forms a lush green line along its coast. With a mix of forests, mountains and bays, There are quite a few islets for sea kayaking and more whale watching.

Continuing to Admiralty island, also known as the “Fortress of the Bears” has a population of one 1,600 brown bears. You can see them up close and personal at Pack Creek Bear Sanctuary catching salmon. Every yachting location has one particular place in which your experience is not complete unless you visit.

For Alaska, this is Glacier Waterfall. Tracy Arm Fjord was created over centuries by glacial activity. You can watch the ice tumble down from mountains as high as 3,000 feet above sea level while sailing along amazing blue waters. This area is also home to brown bears, wolves, moose, deer seals and orcas and is sure to close your Alaskan experience with a bang.


For vivid sunshine, warm weather, and white sand beaches, you don’t have to go to Europe or Asia. The Florida Keys is composed of over 40 islands just south of Miami and offer amazing diving and snorkeling opportunities.

When arriving in the Sunshine state you will start your yacht cruise along Biscayne Bay where you can see the beautiful homes of the rich famous along Fisher Island, Palm Island, Star Island and Hibiscus Island. The first stop in The Florida Keys is Key largo where you will snorkel and dive in one of the dive capitals of the world.

For those not into diving, there are other things to do such as golfing, shopping, and dining. another option is making a stop at one of the national parks.

From Key Largo, you sail to Key West which is the southern most tip of the continental U.S. During the day you can enjoy water sports, fishing, or shopping, and at night time you can watch the island come alive.

At Mallory Dock there are Sunset Celebrations where you’ll se jugglers, mimes and musicians roaming the streets. For a more laid back vibe, Marqueses Keys is a group of uninhabited islands surrounded by mangroves. If you want to see these up close it’s recommended you take a kayak. Or you can simply relax on your deck and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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