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Not all yachting destinations have to be full of white sand beaches and warm tropical waters. With its colorful towns, unique cities and exquisite water and mountain landscapes, Northern Europe is an outstanding yachting destination.
The chilly waters are more suited for kayaking and hiking as opposed to laying in the sun. The natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights are a big focus point but we also cannot forget the sophistication of these regions that will grab and keep your attention. Countries like Norway, Denmark, Russia and Sweden all bring something unique to the table that will keep yacht charter lovers satisfied.
Yachts for Charter Northern Europe - Norway


Norway’s famous fjords are the most striking for a Northern European yachting itinerary. Its deep and clear waters, glacial cliffs, vast reefs, mountains, and fertile fishing grounds all make it a unique destination to visit via yacht charter. West Norway is where the infamous fjords meet with the sea giving a breathtaking view.

Not to mention there are wrecks and sheltered waters making it a world famous diving area. Charter guests can even hike a glacier or the fjords of Norway. While Alesund provides great access to the wonderful Geirangerfjord, and Bergen hosts a UNESCO listed harbor which is also Norway’s second largest city and it’s also ideal for a yacht charter base.

The location of Bergen at the apex of the seven mountains places it within close proximity of some of the country’s longest and deepest fjords. There are cliffs reaching thousands of meters high, beautiful wilderness areas and majestic waterfalls making it one of the world’s most extraordinary landscapes.


Sweden has almost 100,000 lakes and a coastline that contains more than 24,000 islands and coves. Being that it sits between the Baltic and the North Sea, Sweden is an ideal nautical destination. It’s also a country to find great fishing, yachting, skiing, and hiking – making it the perfect outdoor playground.

The capital city of Stockholm in the east makes a great base for a yacht charter as you have the Baltic in one direction and the waters of Lake Malaren nearby. Stockholm is also known as the ‘Venice of the North’ making it a hot spot with a cosmopolitan nightlife experience. It’s so close that one can enjoy a month without traveling more than 40 miles from the home port.

A feel-good stop just in the middle of the Baltic is Gotland. It’s the sunniest spot in Sweden and also hosts trading posts on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Other stops in Sweden should be a visit to the diverse nation of Malmo as well as the Southeast archipelago.

Yachts for Charter Northern Europe - Sweden
Yachts for Charter Northern Europe - Denmark


Also perched between the North Sea and Baltic Sea, Denmark happens to be the smallest of the Scandinavians. But don’t let the size of Denmark mislead you – it has beautiful rural landscapes, great culinary areas, and high sophistication making it a significantly rich venue for a yacht charter holiday.

Its capital of Copenhagen is arguably the most thrilling yacht charter base in all of Scandinavia. The city is also known for its overall feel-good approach to life, festival scenes, and great music. Not to mention Copenhagen is a world hub for Michelin-starred restaurants. Aarhus and Odense are the second and third largest towns respectively and can easily be reached in a seven day charter.


Russia is a very vast country that spans two continents and no fewer than eleven time zones. However its Baltic coastline is quite compact. It runs from Finland in the north to Estonia in the south and occupies the easternmost parts of the Baltic in the Gulf of Finland.

For those who would prefer a more three dimensional Russian yacht charter experience, there should be more of a focus on the city of St. Petersburg. However there is a secondary coastline between Poland and Lithuania that has its attractions as well.

The dramatic city of St. Petersburg is the natural choice for yacht charter as opposed to the competing city for the title of “capital” which is Moscow. St. Petersburg has 48 canals, 64 rivers and 92 nautical miles of coastline. Although all of the above are guaranteed to steal a yacht lovers heart, it’s important to recognize the significant and cultural importance of St. Petersburg that makes it an overall sought out world destination.

A short distance are the Estonian capital of Tallinn and the Finnish capital of Hellinksi – both can easily be reached within a seven day yacht charter. If time is more available, it’s recommended to venture out further east towards Russia’s Lake Ladoga via the Neva River which is the largest freshwater lake in all of Europe.

Yachts for Charter Northern Europe - Russia

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