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Known as the “Land of Smiles”, Thailand has become a destination for ideal luxury yachting. Whether it be for a long weekend or a week long itinerary, Thailand offers a great experience for everyone to enjoy.
The country hosts a plethora of postcard looking islands and great ground service on marinas. You can visit golden temples dating back centuries or explore some amazing snorkeling and scuba sites. The majority of yacht charters focus around the Andaman Sea which has over 130 isles within the province of Krabi alone.
Thailand Yacht Charter


One of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations and also a big star on the global yachting map is Phuket (pronounced Poo-ket). Because of Phuket King’s Cup Regatta, its Asia’s most popular regatta. Hosting mega yacht parties and a packed week of yacht racing on the Andaman sea, this event brings out world renowned names in the yachting world. Another yachting hot spot in Thailand is Koh Samui. It isn’t as big of a yacht party destination but it has plenty of white sand beaches and luxury resorts as well as luxury boats up for charter. It’s a must that you sail through Ang Thong National Marine Park and its shores from Sleeping Cow Island as well as Three Pillars Island.


An up and coming destination for those who want to explore southern Thailand is Krabi. The premier yacht marina complex, Krabi Boat Lagoon you can rent boat or jump on another as a single passenger and enjoy the ride. Krabi also leads to Phang Nga Bay where its also easy to see the famous Phi Phi Islands. Ko Phi Phi is the perfect location for a yacht cruise because it’s composed of other small islands. You might recognize Ko Phi Phi from the infamous James Bond film. Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Let are the two largest islands and have amazing cliffs and makes a great stop for swimming and snorkeling.

If you’re a diving lover who craves the underwater life, the Surin and Similan islands are a must because they are one of the worlds top diving destinations. Northwest of Phuket, this group of islands has a diverse variety of fish species and beautiful coral reefs. If you want more of a remote island feel, Koh Chang offers a more off the beaten path experience. While visiting places like Phuket and Koh Samui where you are more likely to see other charters, Koh Chang has less of a tourist crowd along with plenty of remote beaches.

Thailand Yacht Charter
Thailand Yacht Charter

Komodo National Park

Perfectly placed between the Pacific and Indian Ocean’s along the equator is the paradise of Indonesia that is composed of over 13,000 exotic islands. Although it isn’t possible to visit them all, the most ideal way to experience this beautiful peace of earth is on a luxury yacht charter. Indonesia has every thing to offer and then some from the World Heritage Site of Komodo which is the home of the worlds largest lizard as well as the cityscapes of Java. You can enjoy the flawless white sand beaches, visit one of the many luxury spa retreats or go on a thrill seeking adventure past coral reefs and ancient mangroves.

Java is the worlds most populous island that offers ancient temples, natural beauty and modern luxuries. For those that love history lessons, galleries, museums and UNESCO world heritage sites. At the most south western tip of Java is the islands natural UNESCO World Heritage Site Ujung Kulon. You can catch a glimpse of smoke from an active volcano or see some of endangered wildlife if you’re lucky. If you’re into nightlife, Jakarta has a great opportunity to experience the hot and exotic atmosphere as there are plenty of bars and nightclubs for a great night on the town experience.


A huge favorite amongst travelers in Indonesia is Bali. Bali is loved amongst tourists for all the right reasons. Beaches surrounded by mountains, a unique culture, distinct underwater life and a splash of Indonesian inspired art. You can discover ancient temples and palaces in Denpasar, or the famous swell in Uluwatu or stop at some of the Ubud rice fields where the spas are guaranteed to put you at ease.

Being that every thing is on an island, it makes the perfect place for a yachting experience. Recently declared one of the “New Seven Wonders of Nature”, The Komodo Islands is a destination that cannot be missed especially for nature, diving and photography enthusiasts. This unspoiled region is protected as the Komodo National Park and with a small fee and a short trek, you can spot the famous Komodo dragon. Visit Manta Point on your yacht and see the manta rays in their element or go snorkeling around Gili Lawa Darat with a chance to see manatees, rays, sharks and countless species of colorful fish.

Due to its location at the entrance of Malacca Strait, Weh Island is a favorite destination for luxury yachting. Weh Island has a reputation for great diving spots for sights of manta rays, sea turtles and whale sharks. Another diving spot that is up and coming is Wakatobi. It hosts dives that are suitable for beginners and experts so if you are not a professional, you can still get a good experience of the underwater life.

Thailand Yacht Charter
Thailand Yacht Charter


Exploring Thailand and Indonesia will bring your dreams to life with all of stunning landscapes and culture that they each have to offer.

If you enjoy exploring on foot or under water, or if you would rather kick back relax with a white sand beach as your backdrop as you sail into the sunset, a yacht experience is the best way to do so.

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