Experience a Luxury Yacht Charter in the Caribbean Islands and the Bahamas

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A lavish Caribbean yacht charter is exactly what you need in order to properly relax while offering yourself the privacy, freedom, and luxury that come together with memorable experiences on an exclusive yacht and extravagant adventures in new destinations.

Spending your precious days away from the regular, stressful life on an exclusive yacht, with first-class service available on board will bring you the liberation feeling everybody is longing for. There is no doubt that this is an exquisite vacation idea many only project in their dreams. And when your extravagant Caribbean yacht charter takes you to the most exotic and memorable destinations, the dreams become real.

Relax and indulge in the exclusive Champagne and flavorful dishes offered on board while preparing to explore breathtaking sunsets, secluded beaches, as well as the multitude of surprises hidden in the Caribbean Islands and the Bahamas.

The 2017 Charter Season Has Not Been Affected by the Hurricanes

Wonderful Mother Nature is normally nurturing but sometimes she becomes uncontrollable and, along with all the beauty, it also brings calamities that damage some of the most astonishing places human eyes have seen.

In the Caribbean area, Hurricane Irma created dock damage on many islands, therefore the docking space is limited and has higher prices. However, this problem tends to affect small-sized yachts rather than the stabilized yacht and the ability to anchor on many bays and paradise beaches. In addition, there was extensive damage on some of the charming villas, compounds, luxury hotels and mansions in the Caribbean, but the 2017 charter season has not been affected. Therefore, there is no reason not to continue chartering in the Caribbean and the Bahamas, to explore the wonders of the islands and the mysterious, crystal waters surrounding them.

Even if some islands might be less elegant for the moment, the beaches, the blue waters and the multitude of fascinating activities are still there, waiting for travelers who are eager to offer themselves an extravagant vacation. A luxurious Caribbean yacht charter will offer you a lavish cruising experience while taking you to the areas the Hurricane Irma never touched, giving you the chance to relax in a lush atmosphere and to amaze your eyes with the wonders of the islands.

Thrilling Island-hopping in the Caribbean Archipelago

When choosing to spend your vacation on a luxury yacht charter you receive exactly what you imagine: a private, lavish sailing adventure completed by a 5-star culinary experience and the opportunity to explore remarkable places. After indulging in an expensive Champagne on our fancy Caribbean yacht charter you have the chance to explore the most amazing spots and do the most interesting activities in the Caribbean Islands.

For those who are looking for incredible secluded beaches, hidden coves and fascinating legends of piracy, the US Virgin Islands is the perfect first stop. A banana daiquiri in beautiful St. Thomas followed by a remarkable snorkeling session among tropical parrots and butterfly fish make the Virgin Islands visit unforgettable.

And this was only the beginning of a great adventure. Kite-surf in St Martin, swimming, and diving in the crystal clear blue waters of Antigua, shopping, high-class dining and clubbing in St. Barths can undoubtedly enhance your extravagant yachting experience. Furthermore, hiking Gros Piton in St Lucia, learning how to surf in Barbados, as well as sailing around the natural beauty of the Grenadines and exploring St Vincent’s Soufriere volcano are fascinating activities that give travelers the adrenaline rush they are longing for.

Exploring the Wilderness of the Bahamas

Chartering a luxury yacht in the Bahamas is a perfect choice especially for those who want to enrich their lavish experience on board with unforgettable memories created when exploring cays and islands, turquoise waters, as well as breathtaking secluded coves.

Active travelers who are interested in kayaking, water-skiing, diving, snorkeling and adventures on deserted islands will immediately fall in love with the Exumas. In addition, the area is also well known for Bonefishing, as well as many interesting guided trips.

Are you already fascinated and slightly overwhelmed? Well, your luxury yacht charter brings more surprises and island-hopping in the Bahamas doesn’t stop here. Incredible places like Nassau with its water slides, casinos, and refreshing pool within the Atlantis complex, together with the “Bahamian-style Galapagos”, known as Allan’s Cay, where visitors can feed the intriguing iguanas and swim in the crystal-blue waters are eagerly waiting to be explored. In addition, the Bahamas is expecting you with exquisite adventures like swimming with the sharks, petting a stingray and holding a starfish, as well as playing with the irresistible pink pigs.

Furthermore, the thoughtful chef and the crew of the yacht work thoroughly in order to surprise you with a luxurious beach party. Expect cabanas, tables, and delicious food specially arranged in order to offer you the ultimate luxury dining experience on the shore.

Indulge Yourself in the Caribbean Yacht Charter Experience

A luxury yacht charter escapade in the breathtaking beautiful Caribbean seas incorporates vast expanses of crystalline waters and an impressive number of idyllic islands, creating the perfect yachting vacation. With a warm climate and spectacular landscapes, the Caribbean has always been in vogue in the eccentric yacht charter destination market, especially for a winter yachting vacation.

A private luxurious yachting experience in the Caribbean islands is definitely the maximum in decadence all people desire. When you decide to offer yourself this lavish vacation, you only have to book a luxury yacht charter, relax and let yourself pampered by a great team of professionals who are on board to offer you flawless services and turn your dreams into reality.

Liquid Sky, the luxurious yacht recently launched and sold by World Yacht Group, is already available for charter exclusively through World Yacht Group, having Bahamas and Caribbean as destinations during the winter season. Contact World Yacht Group for further information on charter rates and availability.

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