World Yacht Group Partners with WineChain for Unmatched Luxury at Sea

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The world of luxury yachting is about to reach new heights as World Yacht Group proudly announces its strategic partnership with WineChain, an innovator in fine wine collecting. This groundbreaking collaboration promises to redefine the experience of luxury on the open seas, offering a unique blend of sophistication, technology, and unparalleled taste.

At World Yacht Group, we believe in delivering extraordinary journeys, and this collaboration with Wine Chain promises to elevate your yacht experience to unprecedented heights.

What is WineChain?

WineChain, a pioneer in the realm of fine wine, brings an entire value proposition to World Yacht Group’s clients. Direct access to coveted fine wines from prestigious wineries, secure storage in a specially designed facility in France, liquid trading on their marketplace, and international shipping – WineChain ensures a seamless and exceptional wine collecting journey.

Why You Should Be Excited

  • Exclusive Wine Selection: Elevate Your Yacht Experience

As part of this exclusive collaboration, our clients will gain access to a handpicked selection of the world’s finest wines. Imagine sipping on exquisite vintages as you cruise through the open waters, turning every moment into a celebration of refined taste.

  • Personalized Wine Experiences: Tailored for Your Every Cruise

We understand that luxury is a personal experience. That’s why our partnership with WineChain brings personalized wine experiences to your boating adventure or yacht charter. Private wine tastings, sommelier consultations, and more await, ensuring each journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

  • Complimentary Concierge Service: Building Stellar Wine Collections

World Yacht Group clients are in for an extra treat – a complimentary one-year concierge service, courtesy of WineChain. This service opens doors to WineChain experts and the world’s most prestigious wineries, guiding you in building a stellar wine collection tailored to your tastes.

  • Wine Authenticity and Provenance: Sip with Confidence

Trust the authenticity and provenance of the wines served on your World Yacht Group vessel. With WineChain’s cutting-edge blockchain technology and direct-from-winery sourcing, each bottle’s story is as genuine as the breathtaking views surrounding your yacht.

Complimentary Perks for Our Customers

  1. Immediate Value: Enjoy a 15% discount on all wine purchases until 1 January 2024, kickstarting your exclusive wine collection with a chance to surprise loved ones.
  2. Value Within 1 Year: Dive into a world of expert advice and guidance with WineChain’s Concierge offer. Two consultations with Antoine Petrus, access to coveted wine offers, advisory sessions, a tailored wine collection plan, free storage for up to 5 cases for the first 5 years, and exclusive access to WineChain winery events await!
  3. Longer-Term Value: For those looking to charter or purchase a yacht, WineChain steps in as the VIP Concierge. Manage your digital cellar, logistics to your boat or house, and receive personalized attention to elevate your yachting experience.

Visit WineChain’s to learn more about them here.

Exclusive WYG Client Offers

  • Yacht Purchase: Receive a one-time $5,000 WineChain credit for a yacht purchase of $2,500,000 or more.
  • Charter Booking: Enjoy a one-time $2,000 WineChain credit for any charter booked of $200,000 or more.

Why Should You Look Out for This Partnership?

The leaders of both World Yacht Group and WineChain express their excitement about this groundbreaking partnership. Nicolas Mendiharat, CEO of WineChain, remarks, “WineChain is delighted to partner with World Yacht Group, a company that shares our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and superior quality.”

World Yacht Group CEO, Joan Plana Palao, adds, “We look forward to offering our clients an even more exceptional experience, with the addition of exquisite wine selections, personalized wine experiences, and bespoke digital cellar collections from WineChain.”

This partnership marks the beginning of a new era in luxury yachting, promising unmatched experiences for those seeking the epitome of refinement.

🌐 Visit to learn more about this extraordinary partnership!

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