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90.55 ft
/ 27.6 m



Cantieri Di Pisa

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2 X MTU hp

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0 tons





Crafted to redefine luxury and elevate seafaring to new heights, 28m yacht “Selfish” boasts a range of features that are unique to any SuperYacht seen before. From its meticulously designed interiors, where every detail exudes elegance, to its cutting-edge technology that ensures seamless navigation and onboard comfort, “Selfish” is a testament to uncompromising quality.

Investing in “Selfish” goes beyond ownership—it’s an invitation to a world of exclusive experiences and opportunities. Imagine cruising through azure waters, exploring exotic destinations, and hosting unforgettable gatherings in a setting that exudes refinement. Whether you envision intimate getaways or extravagant social affairs, “Selfish” provides the canvas upon which you can paint your most cherished maritime memories.

Main focus of the yacht is an entertainment platform with a high ‘curb’ appeal, intended to host parties, events, dinners etc., by the host/shareholder of the yacht. The accommodation onboard is therefore tailored to a single cabin for sleeping overnight, and large flexible spaces on MD and UD for entertainment. 


The main features:

  • LD FWD:
    • One single cabin space on lower deck with the following features:
      • Large walk in/bathroom, both his and hers
      • A dedicated spa/gym area openly connected with the cabin, including; a lap pool, gym equipment, massage area, steam room
      • A large minibar area within this cabin for private entertainment
      • Large hanging space for clothes etc.
    • Storage space required for storage of personal items of each shareholder.  A dedicated storage room in the bow area for this purpose.
    • Bilge areas to be made accessible as best as possible for storage of items in WT compartments.
  • LD AFT:
    • Engine room to be finished to high standard as a show piece, with a lot of chrome elements and general high level of finish. The intention is also to use the space by the clients, with a small corner for placing removable seating, and table. In the entrance, either in the crew area or engine room, champagne wall to be placed. Important to consider lighting in the engine room, and possible AV/IT.
    • Engine room access to be made as comfortable as possible from MD or Alternatively
    • Corridor into ER through crew area, to be made to guest standard.
    • Crew area – maintain as is. Consider space for a washer and dryer onboard
  • Stern Swim platform
    • Fixed swim platform – extended to accommodate 3 jetskis placed longitudinally. Considerations for Jet ski launching
    • Jet skis to be prominently visible/ centerpiece of aftdeck.
    • For voyages, ability to store on more sheltered position
  • MD 
    • Aft deck – Open space, allow for hinged or removable tables in sides for parties
    • Lounge – consider moving of entrance aft, with bifolding doors or similar to allow for a full inside/outside opening
    • Lounge – Clear interior space with:
      • Folding benches/sofas in the sides to convert into seating/entertainment area
      • folding/removable dining table to accommodate up to 20 guests
      • LED screen floor, to allow to project images/videos on the floor
      • Backlight marble/onyx flooring and features within the vessel
    • Lounge – full height windows and open/glass bulwarks for clear outside views
    • Galley – Japanese style open galley, with open connection or window to see chef cooking. Galley to be finished to high standard and serve primarily for catering than cooking in general. Finish by means of designer branded kitchens.
    • Galley – to include large cool storage for bottles, alcohol etc.
    • MD sides – include folding bulwarks/balconies to create hangout spaces in these areas
    • MD Dayhead – possibly shifted to allow for more space in MD lounge
    • MD BOW – sunbathing area and lounging area
    • MD BOW – folding platform in bow, preferably extending past bow, to be used for golf teeing. Provide a unique golfing over the water experience, with some form of fall protection.
  • UD
    • Icon A5 on upper deck aft – to be launched by means of a bulwark crane which is not visible or hidden into bulwark
    • 1x Jacuzzi
    • Allow for free space for partying as well as sun lounging – VIP deck with dedicated access
    • Fixed sunroof to be added, aft roll bar to be removed
  • Interior finishing:
    • Subtle rope lighting/indirect lighting for all spaces – avoid direct spot lights as much as possible.
    • James bond type interior feeling. Use of high gloss interior, with clean lines.
  • External finishing:
    • Lamborghini (or similar) paint colours to be considered – bicolour
    • LED panels or integrated screens in way of the MD superstructure sides to allow for projection of logos emblems etc for events
    • AMG trims to be considered, e.g. carbon or colored to give the vessel and additional sporty appeal and modernize her look
    • Mast to be as minimal as possible – With the main mast retractable or foldable when vessel is not navigating. Considerations for Starlink domes, and digital radars to reduce footprint to achieve ‘clean’ sportscar effect. On the roof
    • MD bulwarks to be opened up as much as possible, replace with glass and open railings


Powering & Technical:

  • 18-20kts operating speed of the vessel 
  • Engines TBD 
  • Silent/anchor modes to be considered with means of lithium ion batteries and dedicated battery room.
  • Vessels to be dual function with regards to 50/60hz. Base design to be 50hz, with 60hz converters for Europe use.
  • Stabilizer fins are required for each vessel, fins and gyro to be considered.




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