Greece! Summer Revolutionary Yachting Destination

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It has been few years already that charter guests and yachting experts say Greece is becoming the new yacht charter destination but the numbers haven’t quite shown it yet.

This summer 2020 the odds are in Greece’s favor!

Although Athens is the main starting point for most of yacht charters in Greece and offering the best ports for the larger vessels, the large yachting area of Greece is Composed of 5 main archipelagos of islands with hot spots on every one of them.

The Saronic Islands: With an easy access from Athens, this area will become one of the first stops for many charter guests who start their charter in Athens. Sheltered areas are full of natural beauty.

The top spots here are the islands of Hydra and the Poros.

Yachting in island of Hydra Greece

The Sporades Islands: Laying on the Eastern side of mainland Greece and consisting of only 11 natural islands. The Sporades are the greenest islands in Greece, full of pine trees. The most famous island is Skiathos.

Skiathos Super Yacht View

The Cyclades islands: With no doubt, the most famous and biggest group of islands in Greece. White sand beaches, deserted areas, white and blue architectural makes these islands magical. Well known Santorini and Mykonos are the main destinations of choice. Party, fun, shopping, beauty and amazing food is what you’ll find there.

Mykonos island yacht
Mykonos Island

The Ionian islands: Located in the west coast of Greece and with cooler waters, these islands are a perfect choice for many sailors due to steady winds, smaller villages and clear turquoise waters.
Stunning Corfu and Kefalonia are some of the best yacht charter destinations in Greece.

Kefalonia island view yacht greece
Aerial view Kefalonia beach

Dodecanese Islands: Historical places, architectural villages and sandy beaches is what this group of islands have to offer. The island of Rhodes is always chosen by most savvy travelers, you will feel like you are in paradise while in Rhodes: greatest gastronomy, historical and classic architectural buildings, white sand beaches and a fancy area for shopping.

Main city in Rhodes, Greece

This summer, we promise Greece will be “The” place to go and our Athens office can help you book your yacht charter vacation.
Contact us today and request any information you need so we can make it happen.

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