The Best Time to Visit the South of France: Yacht Charter Season

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the best time to visit south of France Imagine yourself at the helm of your yacht – the warm ocean breeze in your hair, the sunshine on your bare shoulders and the azure Mediterranean stretching out all around you. 

The South of France is one of the most spectacular yachting destinations in the world and sailing along these shores is nothing short of divine. You’ll be dazzled by the glint of sunlight on the water, soothed by the gentle sway of the ocean and delighted by charming restaurants in historic villages and elegant marinas every time you step on shore.

A private yacht charter is the absolute best way to travel South France  in style and experience all it has to offer. You’ll be able to venture freely along the coastline of the region and drop anchor at any little slice of paradise you choose. No matter which way you sail, you’ll be surrounded by superb nightlife, top notch restaurants, historic sites and festivals. Plus, you’ll have your pick of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world – from glitzy hangouts to secluded stretches of sand. It’s the ultimate in luxury – as you will have freedom and luxury onboard and the entire coastline to explore.

When it comes to planning your yacht trip in the South of France, one of the big decisions that you will have to make is when to go. The main factor that you will need to keep in mind is the weather – as it will have a major impact on your yachting plans. What time of year will offer the best weather and how will this affect your trip?

How Will the Weather Affect Your Plans for Renting a Yacht?

When you are setting sail on your yacht across the stunning waters off the coast of Southern France, the experience is much more enjoyable if it is a sunny, pleasant day without a cloud in the sky. Although the coast can still be enjoyed in inclement weather, the sunshine makes the hues  brighter and brings an irresistible energy to the atmosphere. The days are longer and you can spend the warm summer evenings watching the sunset while dining on a terrace with a carafe of rosé wine.

So, it goes without saying that you want to plan your trip to coincide with pleasant weather. However, when arranging your yachting adventure it is important to consider this – the better the weather the more crowds you will face. Therefore, it is a delicate balancing act to choose the perfect time of year that will be still pleasant and warm, yet tranquil and relaxing.

The good news is that the Mediterranean coastline of the South of France has the most reliably pleasant weather in the country. Unlike the wet and unpredictable climate of Northern France, you’ll enjoy a short winter and a long and hot summer filled with many sun-drenched days ideal for boating. This offers many opportunities throughout the year to plan an enjoyable trip.

What is the Best Time to Rent a Yacht?

The best time to charter a yacht in the South of France will depend on a number of factors – including your destination, the weather and the seasons in the area. The weather will vary between the specific destinations in the area and the costs will change depending on the time of year as well – although there are a few general guidelines you can follow for the entire South coast.

If you want the best chance of hot weather and don’t mind the crowds – plan your trip for the summer months of July & August. However, keep in mind that visiting the South of France during the  busy season will mean that there is more competition for moorings and marina berths – so you may not have your first choice of where to moor your boat.

Choosing to sail during the low season or even mid season (May, June, September and October)  will mean fewer crowds and a wider choice of yachts to charter, just make sure that the weather will still be enjoyable enough for you. Also, you may find that some restaurants and shops will be closed during the off season due to the lower levels of visitor numbers. If there is a particular restaurant you want to dine at or a specific shop you want to visit, check ahead to make sure it is open throughout the year.

Also, remember that many French people spend their vacation in their own country, so this will add to the crowds in the main French Holiday periods from mid-July to the end of August.

South of France Luxury Yacht Charter

South of France Weather: What to Expect

In the Mediterranean Region, the winters are mild and although they are cooler than the summer heat they are still pleasant. The Mediterranean Coast in the South of France has the driest climate – when it does rain it is heaviest in autumn and spring.

The temperatures can dip as low as 10 degrees Celsius during the months of December to February. They will begin to warm up in spring and will be quite pleasant starting in around May. As the air temperature increases this will increase the water temperature as well, so that swimming will become more enjoyable.

Autumn can also be a lovely time for yachting in the South of France. The sea will be holding onto residual heat from the summer, so it will be ideal for swimming. However, if you wait until the end of October the weather will start to get colder and the days will be shorter. Although many of the beaches along the French Riviera shut down during the fall, approximately 30 of them remain open all throughout the year – including Blue Beach and Plage Beau Rivage in Nice and Plage Goeland in Cannes.

For more information and help planning your yacht charter in the South of France, contact us today!

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