Indulge in the Ultimate Island-hopping Experience: Hvar and the Pakleni Islands

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An extravagant Mediterranean yacht charter and an adventurous new destination are exactly what you need in order to offer yourself the precious moments of blissful relaxation you deserve. The privacy, freedom, and luxury that come together with such a memorable escapade will allow you to completely decompress while luxuriating in the exclusive Champagne and flavorful dishes offered on board. In addition, on board of your own private luxury yacht, you will discover the multitude of surprises hidden in the places you chose as a destination.

With its irregular, interesting coastline and secluded islands, breath-taking beaches, and clear waters, Croatia is undoubtedly one of the most seductive destinations for all who travel during the busy Mediterranean yacht charter season.

Known for being one of the most popular places for the rich and famous, the Croatian coastline is, in fact, the choice of all travelers who dream about a private, lavish sailing adventure completed by the beautiful spots in famous places like Hvar and the Pakleni Islands.

Exploring Hvar, Croatia’s Sunniest Island
Whether you are interested in offering yourself a quiet and relaxing vacation during which you can indulge in Croatia’s beautiful scenery and get close to its history, or you are looking for an adventure that will give you the chance to experience the Croatian nightlife, cuisine, as well as its most spectacular beaches, a luxury yacht charter is going to turn your dreams into reality.

Not only will our lavish yacht provide you with the comfort you desire, as well as the chance to luxuriate in exclusive moments, but it will get you closer to the culture of the country while taking you to its most amazing places.

For those who are looking for incredible secluded beaches, topnotch restaurants, fantastic clubs & parties, a mix of lively and serene, Hvar is the perfect first stop. Not only is Hvar known as the sunniest island in Croatia offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy perfect beach days, but this delightful piece of land is also the destination preferred by both history and culture aficionados.

After a blissful night’s sleep on board of your superyacht, spending the day exploring the beauty of this Croatian island is exactly what you need. Whether you choose to learn about the magnificent past of Hvar, you prefer pampering yourself in one of the magnificent spa facilities available on the island, or you only fantasize about sunbathing on a private beach, your time in Hvar is going to be memorable.

In order to perfectly complement a day on the Croatian island, you can give yourself the right treat, which is a scrumptious dinner in one of the restaurants lined along Hvar’s medieval harbor. There is undoubtedly no better manner to end a peaceful day and prepare for the moment when the city comes alive with partygoers.

If you don’t want to go back to your luxury yacht early, after the fulfilling dinner you can either dance the night away or just unwind while sipping on a cocktail under the serene moonlight. Kiva Bar, Hula Hula and Carpe Diem are just three of the clubs that should be on your must-visit in Hvar list.

Endless Island-Hopping Fun: Pakleni Islands
Hvar is exciting and even slightly overwhelming for many visitors, but your luxury yacht charter will bring more surprises when you reach the delightful small chain of islands, the Pakleni. Known also as ‘Hell’s Islands’, these Croatian treasures have a unique beauty, as well as many surprising hidden gems not many Mediterranean islands can offer.

The nearest island to Hvar is Jerolim, a small paradise filled with shady pine groves, paradise beaches and coves that will conquer even the most skeptical mind. Whether you are interested in joining the naturists or exploring the islands without leaving all your clothes behind, this first stop will only awaken your desire for more island-hopping in the Croatian heaven.

Probably the most exciting moment of your luxury yacht charter experience in Croatia will be reaching Sveti Klement, the largest of the Pakleni Islands, especially if you are eager to unwind in the quietness of a divine bay.

But there is more on this island than peacefulness. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the remains of a Roman spa, admire the vineyards, as well as enjoy an astonishing hike up the hill in order to reach a famous, family-run restaurant, known as Dionis. Located in the middle of nature, the restaurant gives you the pleasure of luxuriating in amazing local food created with delicious, fresh ingredients.

These are some of the many incredible things you can do in Hvar and the Pakleni islands when on a private, luxury yacht. Depending on your preferences and requests you can explore other spots and enjoy many more interesting activities, as well.

If you decided to offer yourself the ultimate decadent vacation, start planning an unforgettable yacht charter escape, by contacting World Yacht Group for further information on charter rates and availability.

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