8 Fun Things to Do in the Caribbean When on a Luxury Yacht

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A luxury Caribbean yacht charter experience offers absolute relaxation and unforgettable adventures, creating the perfect vacation for all types of travelers.

The Caribbean yacht charter welcomes its passengers with comfort, luxury, and pure decadence, giving them the chance to de-stress in a lavish atmosphere and to visit the most remote dive sites, explore the best island, and taste surreal dishes paired with exclusive wines.

Here are 8 interesting things to add to your luxury yacht experience in the Caribbean islands:

1. Explore the Unique Geological Formations of the Virgin Gorda Baths

There is no doubt that the British Virgin Islands represent an opulent and attractive yacht charter destination. Whether you are interested in spending your precious holiday in the middle of tranquility or you want to explore unique areas like the Virgin Gorda Baths, the British Virgin Islands are a must see when visiting the Caribbean Archipelago.

The Baths is an area created out of unique geological formations, making it a major touristic point in the Caribbean. Travelers from all around the world are very intrigued by the charming island and, at the same time, interested in learning about its volcanic origins, as well as in exploring the scenic grottoes formed in places like the Virgin Gorda. As many did before, prepare yourself to ad the Virgin Gorda Baths on the list of the most amazing examples of natural beauty in the whole world.

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2. Secluded Beaches, Fine Cuisine and Windy Adventures: Kite-surfing in Saint Martin

When your Caribbean yacht charter takes you to the charming Saint Martin island, you utterly fall in love with its luxurious resorts, the fine dining experiences provided by the best restaurants and the positive energy that surrounds the island. In addition, the island welcomes its visitors with turquoise waters, warm weather, and a fascinating multicultural atmosphere.

Last, but not least, the clear waters offer a perfect playground for everybody; and together with the wind, they give adventurous visitors the chance to get the adrenaline rush they need, through kite-surfing. Therefore, are you ready catch the waves? And after you learn how to dominate the kite-surf you can indulge in the delicious French cuisine or try your luck in the casinos located on the Dutch side.

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3. Shopping is Always a Fantastic Idea in Saint Barths

Saint Barths is famous for its lush restaurants, its explosive nightlife and for offering visitors the best shopping in the Caribbean. It is a duty-free island, so it is paradise for shoppers of all ages!

If you plan to do some serious shopping while on this beautiful island, begin searching for your favorite brands in Gustavia. This is one of the biggest shopping destinations on the island and the place where you can find brands like Louis Vuitton, Chopard or Hermès. However, if you want to leave the island with more than expensive clothes and perfumes, make sure you visit one of the charming local markets and indulge in the tasty imported cheese and wine.

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4. Celebrate the Island Lifestyle: Party in Antigua

The Caribbean yacht charter you chose can give you everything you desire in order to have a luxurious experience but, there are some things that only island-hopping can offer you. For instance, yachting in the Caribbean without exploring and experiencing the real life on the islands should not be an option. There is no doubt that you enjoy the relaxing benefits of a flawless service and you receive the best drinks and the most delicious dishes on board. However, nothing compares with attending a party in Antigua.

Antiguans know how to enjoy themselves, so the island has an impressive number excellent bars and posh clubs. In addition, the island is bursting with curious travelers eager to explore the areas and enjoy the local festive atmosphere. Whether you are interested in sipping cocktails in a local bar or you want to dance until the sun rises in a beach club, you can do both in Antigua, the place that can satisfy any vacationer’s tastes.

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5. Have the Ultimate Island Adventure: Hike Gros Piton in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Archipelago. When your luxury yacht charter arrives you might be fascinated by the charming shores of the island, but its main attraction point is represented by the Pitons, the island’s two volcano mountains. Therefore, the best activity on this beautiful island is represented by hiking Gros Piton, an experience unlike any other.

The imposing volcano stands a remarkable 2,619 feet above sea level and once you reach its peak, you will feel like you are on top of the world. The view from the top is incredible and so is the feeling of accomplishment.

6. Exploring the Set for “Pirates of the Caribbean”: The Calm Wallilabou

Once you arrive at the lush bay known as Wallilabou, you immediately understand why the producers of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” selected this area. Its fascinating natural beauty, together with the relaxing quietness and the protective forest surrounding the bay make you feel like in heaven.

Besides presenting a part of Jack Sparrow’s spirit, Wallilabou is a real Caribbean oasis, perfect for romantic walks on the sandy beaches, swimming, and snorkeling in the blue sea or just for relaxing at the local bar and restaurant.

7. Indulge in a Flavourful Lobster Pizza in Port Elizabeth, Bequia

Bequia is the largest of the beautiful Grenadines. With fascinating lagoons, reefs, and welcoming, silvery beaches Bequia can conquer even the souls of the most skeptical people. There is not much to do around, but once your Caribbean Yacht charter brings you to this place, you will instantly feel the relaxed vibe of the island.

What you should not miss is having a slice of pizza at Mac’s Lobster Pizza. Not only does this place offer a perfect atmosphere but it is located in front of the beach and it serves the most delicious lobster pizza you have ever tasted. Nothing compares to Mac’s Lobster Pizza!

8. Explore a Fascinating Culture and Learn How to Surf in Barbados

Barbados is a representative place for the Caribbean lifestyle, offering travelers the chance to explore a fascinating culture. In addition to an amazing number of interesting places and breathtaking landscapes, Barbados offers its visitors the chance to attend compelling activities.

For instance, rum connoisseurs or visitors interested in the history of rum can visit Saint Nicholas Abbey, and learn about the 350 years of history of the converted sugar plantation. Simultaneously, sportier guests can take advantage of Caribbean’s best surf conditions and of the perfect waves that peel along the coast and learn how to surf.

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These are the 8 fun things you can do in the Caribbean when on a private, luxury yacht. Depending on your desires and requests you can enjoy other interesting activities, as well. If you decide to indulge in the ultimate decadent vacation, start planning a Caribbean yacht charter holiday.

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