7 Surprising Secrets Your Yacht Charter Broker Should Disclose

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The main goal of yacht charter brokers is to help you plan, book and organize your luxury yacht charter vacation. They earn a handsome commission and you receive an unforgettable vacation experienced by only a lucky few. A win-win, right?

Well, maybe.

If your yacht charter broker hasn’t fully revealed what you should expect and prepare for when chartering a yacht, your unforgettable holiday could easily become ‘unforgettable’ for all of the wrong reasons.

Here, we share some surprising, perhaps even startling, secrets that your yacht charter broker should disclose to you to ensure your yacht charter is memorable for many years to come.

Whether you are new to yacht chartering or a long-time yacht connoisseur, you will definitely want to read on.

Yacht Charter Broker Secrets You Should Know

#1. Jet Skis

One of the more common types of yacht toys are jet skis. But did you know that even if your yacht is equipped with them, you will need a license to use them?

Fortunately, if you don’t have a license, some luxury yachts are certified to license you for the duration of your trip.

If you or the yacht are not licensed, your yacht charter broker will need to speak with the captain and have him/her take you to areas where you can use the jet skis.

Tip: Be sure to ask your yacht charter broker about yacht toys and any licensing requirements.

#2. Jacuzzi

If your yacht has an onboard jacuzzi, you can use it anytime during your private yacht charter, right?


Jacuzzis can only be used when the yacht is docked in a port or anchored in flat waters (no waves).

Any other time is a safety issue and not allowed.

Tip: Plan your jacuzzi time accordingly.

jacuzzi and wine in yacht

#3. Number of Yacht Guests

Did you know if you charter a yacht, the maximum number of guests you can bring on board while sailing, including yourself, is 12?

There are some exceptions to this rule: If the yacht owner is onboard or if the yacht has a special license.

However, very few private yachts over 40 meters have this capability so be sure to discuss it with your yacht broker in advance.

Tip: Are you and your guests running late to board your yacht charter? When docked in port, late parties are possible if agreed to by the broker and the captain.

#4. Yacht Captain and Crew

The quality of the captain and crew for your yacht charter can mean the difference between the vacation of your dreams or the nightmare you would rather forget.

During your private yacht charter, if you want to discover secluded caves, private beaches accessed only by water, or the top snorkeling spots, the captain should be intimately familiar with the local waterscape since these special gems generally are not advertised to the public.

The captain should also be able to map an appropriate route for your yacht charter to ensure you don’t face any perilous weather or waves.

Your yacht charter broker should also be familiar with the sailing areas of your charter so they can properly advise you while planning your vacation.

Tip: Check the references of your captain and crew. Don’t be quick to charter a yacht based on its looks. Take the time to find a local yacht charter broker and crew that is knowledgeable. For example, you don’t want to charter a yacht based in France so you can go explore Ibiza unless you verify that the captain and crew are familiar with the Balearic area.

captain in luxury yacht

#5. Food for the Crew

Luxury yacht crews should never charge their food or beverage expenses to your bill (used from the APA deposit).  During your charter, the food for the crew is already included in the charter fee and is paid for by the yacht owner.

Tip: While not common, if you find a questionable charge on your bill, notify the yacht charter broker or captain.

#6.  Sleeping Arrangements

Planning on going to bed late during your yacht charter?

If you want to sleep in, but still maximize your day to take advantage of the paradise around you, your broker should advise you that either you or the broker can communicate your wishes to the captain.

If the captain is informed, they can be sure that the yacht leaves and slowly sails to the desired beach or cove while you are sleeping so that when you and your guests wake up, your yacht will already be floating in paradise.

You don’t have to wait for everyone to wake up before setting sail to the destination for the day.

Tip: Be sure to discuss any sleeping habits you have in mind with your yacht charter broker so they can properly advise you and communicate them with the captain on your behalf.

#7. Booking Reservations for your Yacht Charter

A good yacht charter broker will accurately book your reservations in advance or even at the last minute because they have the proper connections and expertise to do so.

While yacht brokers aren’t concierges, the right yacht broker will have a friendly and professional attitude, plus be willing to accommodate you as much as possible to ensure your yacht charter vacation is nothing short of exceptional.

Tip: Not all yacht charter brokers are the same. Be sure to do your research and check references to select the right one.

Chartered Luxury Yachts with guest


As we mentioned, the main goal of yacht charter brokers is to help you plan, book and organize your luxury yacht charter vacation.

If your yacht charter broker doesn’t fully reveal what you should expect and prepare for when chartering a yacht, your unforgettable holiday could easily become ‘unforgettable’ for all of the wrong reasons.

We hope these secrets and tips will help you be better informed about what to prepare for to ensure your yacht charter is memorable for many years to come.

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