Summer Yachting Destinations

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Summer is the season to travel to the world’s most beautiful and exclusive enclaves. “It’s the time to be in the hottest Mediterranean ports of call, looking for emblematic and chic new places, eating at the best restaurants, lounging in world class clubs and mingling with the international elite,” says Joan Plana, the director of the World Yacht Group luxury yachting firm. Summer is the time for travel to, in a word, paradise.

There are innumerable destinations where yacht charter clients like to go, but there are three worth your time. Saint Tropez, Ibiza and Porto Cervo are the hottest spots for yacht enthusiasts and party-goers from around the globe, and the World Yacht Group offers a large fleet of yacht charters in just those destinations.

Joan Plana knows these spots inside out—he’s been hosting summers there year after year with clients and friends, and always on world-class yachts. Chartering a yacht in Saint Tropez is the ultimate summer travel experience. “There is a big difference between staying in a crowded hotel and being in the center of the port in your own private chartered yacht,” Joan says. Being on a yacht allows you to move around the best beaches and hotspots, anchor in front the famous Club 55 and Nicky Beach, and arrive anytime into the harbor after an excellent beach day. Then, just jump onto shore and enter the famous everyone-who’s-anyone restaurant and lounge, Joseph’s!

And why not wake up every morning in paradise? A beautiful 20 minutes sailing from Ibiza and you’ll anchor in the turquoise waters off Formentera island. Without a yacht this white sand beach might as well be off-limits. Every top beach club and restaurant around Ibiza and Formentera offers exclusive access and private water transport from the yachts anchored nearby all day long. And if you choose Porto Cervo, you will immediately find that every party, every restaurant, and every fashionable club is centered on the harbor. Yachting is the only way to share these ultimate Mediterranean experiences with all your friends!

There is only one way to move with complete freedom, stay in the ultimate comfort, and attract the envious eye of every summer partier: chartering your very own luxury yacht. Whether it’s the private parties of Saint Tropez, the nightclubs of Ibiza, or the beaches of Porto Cervo, everything happens around the harbor. If you’re the type of person who needs the freedom to move where you want, when you want, to host who you want, to go to the ultimate establishments and live in absolute luxury, then you know there’s only one way: having a yacht!

By Sarah R Jenkins

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