Great Things to Do and Visit When on a Yacht Around the Cyclades, Greece

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With a rich history, serene beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, a bustling nightlife, and many memorable surprises, Greece is one of the best European destinations. Visiting its beautiful cities is an incredible way to spend your vacation, but exploring the stunning Greek islands while on a luxurious yacht is the best choice as it will make you completely decompress and forget your daily worries and routine. So, explore the Greek pieces of heaven while enjoying the luxury yacht charter experience you deserve. Indulge in the amazing life on board filled with culinary surprises, exquisite cocktails, and unforgettable views while hopping on and off the boat as you please.

Perhaps the most famous island group in the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades gives you the unique opportunity to visit idyllic islands, get in touch with an impressive past, taste delicious dishes, and relax on pristine beaches. Wherever you decide to hop off, the Greek paradise will overwhelm you with its beauty and surprises, making you fall in love and secretly desire to spend the rest of your life inside its borders.

Explore the Most Famous of All the Cycladic Islands: Mykonos
Mykonos is probably the most popular of all Cycladic islands thanks to its beautiful beaches and bustling nightlife. Partygoers from all over the world dream about exploring the bars and clubs of charming islands and you should undoubtedly grab this opportunity. Though its clubs and beaches make Mykonos famous, there are plenty of other amazing things you to do here. Hop off your luxury yacht and delight in the gourmet food, enjoy the cultural activities, and properly explore this Greek piece of heaven.

Make sure you don’t board your yacht before admiring the windmills in Chora, which is one of the most renowned landmarks of the island. And since you are in one of the best shopping Greek scenes, wander around the beautifully arranged street of Mykonos town and spoil yourself with an unforgettable shopping session. Your adventure on this irresistible island should end with a party to remember. Begin your evening by sipping a tasty cocktail while admiring the sunset in Little Venice area and then head towards one of the well-known beach bars. Whether you choose Scorpions, Jackie O, or Nammos, Mykonos promises you a memorable night.

Sightseeing and Watersport Adventures: Naxos
Relax on board your lavish yacht and prepare for another adventure on an enchanting Greek island. The largest of the Cycladic islands, Naxos is another destination that impresses all kinds of travellers. The island used to be a cultural centre of Classical Greece, so it gives you the chance to enjoy a precious encounter with history and culture. Praise its most attractive landmarks such as the ancient Temple of Apolo, the Venetian Castle, and the Temple of the Goddess Dimitra.

Learn more about its past when visiting the interesting archaeological museum located in Naxos town, and get closer to the daily life of the locals while strolling the paths of Apiranthos and Halki, two of the island’s most beautiful villages. And if you want to feed your adventurous soul, before returning on board your comfortable yacht, enjoy some of the exciting actives available, like snorkelling, paddle boarding or windsurfing.

Party with the Greeks and Relax on the Large, Beautiful Beaches: Ios
Greeks know how to party, and this is something you will see when island hopping in this beautiful country. Just like Mykonos is the dream destination of all party goers, Ios is also on many travellers’ must visit list. However, besides having an explosive nightlife, this beautiful piece of land offers large, beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, giving you the chance to unwind and enjoy memorable water activities..

Leave your yacht for a few hours and grab the opportunity to discover the hidden beauty of this island. Explore the mesmerising footpaths and the charming alleys of its small towns. Spend some precious time on a secluded beach like Manganari before going back to town for a lively night out.

Enjoy a Romantic Escape: Santorini
Probably one of the most romantic destinations in Greece, Santorini is on the list of must-see places of all travelling couples. With its breathtaking sunsets, romantic cafes and restaurants, paradisiacal landscapes, and volcanic-sand beaches, this island will conquer your heart from the first moment you set foot on it.

Stroll the lively streets of its busy capital, Fira and visit the charming little village of Oia. Relax on the eastern black sand beaches and let the dramatic Red Beach amaze your eyes and caress your feet with its warm sand. Then, indulge in the delicious local dishes while admiring the romantic sunsets, or participate in a great cooking class. End your adventure with a remarkable wine-tasting experience. The dry white wines promise to make your taste buds go wild.

Explore Remote Beaches and Catch a Glimpse of the Bustling Nightlife: Sifnos
Another fascinating island you should visit while sailing around the Cyclades is Sifnos. Leave the comfort of your luxury yacht and adventure into exploring the mountainous island and admiring its stunning scenery.

Grab your walking shoes and wander around while catching a glimpse of the green landscapes filled with almond trees, olive groves, and oleander. Visit the whitewashed villages of Sifnos and explore its delightful capital, Apollonia, before returning on your yacht to continue your sailing adventure.

These are some of the spectacular places you can see while on a yacht around the Cyclades. But with 220 spellbinding islands scattered across the Aegean Sea, the Cycladic islands are filled with unforgettable surprises. To discover them, hop on a luxurious yacht and begin the adventure of a lifetime.

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