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The charmingly rugged island of Corsica sits in the azure Mediterranean Sea west of mainland Italy, with France to the north and Sardinia to the south.

Known as the birthplace of the exiled Napoleon, Corsica still has a strong national identity and the French influences on the architecture and lifestyle here are unmistakable.

Chartering a luxury yacht allows you to explore this island’s natural harbors, secluded beaches and quaint seaside towns at your leisure.

Corsica Yacht Charter


Medieval meets modern as you cruise through a deep fjord and into Bonifacio’s harbor. This town features a clifftop citadel dating back to the 9th century, a maze of narrow streets leading onto gorgeous views of the sea.

The walled town centre is home to several world-class dining spots, including the renowned restaurant of the Casadelmar hotel. Chef Davide Bissetto’s tastefully curated menu has earned him 2 Michelin stars, and offers guests the finest French cuisine outside of Paris.

For a taste of what the locals eat, head to Stella d’Oro, a family-run establishment serving delicacies such as stuffed mussels.

There are also plenty of opportunities for exploring the nearby nature. Kayak alongside the limestone cliffs to the aptly named Cave of Lovers, where light enters via heart-shaped skylights in the rock. For a more relaxed afternoon activity, lounge on the Palombaggia beach, voted one of Europe’s top ten.

Cavallo Island

Your Corsican yacht charter adventure wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Ile Cavallo. From the sea, the coast is a breath-taking landscape of lush vegetation and tumbling rocks. 

One of the most exclusive spots in the Mediterranean, this island is home to several high-profile personalities and has limited access for boats and tourists. The famous Hotel & Spa des Pecheurs is situated here as well, with a state-of-the-art wellness centre surrounded by aromatic shrubbery and a private beach.

Cavallo Island’s fragile ecosystem is preserved by a total ban on cars – transport is only via foot or bike. After breakfast is specially prepared on board the yacht, spend the day snorkelling and soaking in the serene atmosphere of this magical destination.

Cavallo Island - Yacht Charter Destinations
Elba - Yacht Charter Destinations


This Italian island is the largest in the Tuscan archipelago, and only a short day’s sail from the east coast of Corsica. Portoferraio is the main town, and the marina here is the perfect place to leave the yacht for a stroll through the colourful painted houses and shops onshore.

However, this is far from the only jewel worth visiting on Elba. It has been said that a good anchorage allows you to really get a feel for life on board a yacht. Spend an evening in the bay of Forno, with views of Corsica in the distance and a bottle of local Muscat on deck.

The island has many pretty beaches: choose between the bleached pebbles of Sorgente or the fine golden sands of Sant’Andrea.


One of Corsica’s most vibrant and fashionable towns, Porto Vecchio lies just a few kilometres up the coast from Bonifacio.

The streets are lined with stylish boutiques as well as designer outlets. It is also a hotspot for superyachts, but if you want to venture inland for a day, plan an outing to Cavu Valley and its natural springs.

Porto Vecchio is known for its incredible beaches, such as Cala Rossa and Tarco to the south. All kinds of water sports from jet skiing to scuba diving are available nearby.

Porto Vecchio - Yacht Charter Destinations
Ajaccio Yacht Charter


Ajaccio is a place of grandeur and historical interest. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in the city in the late 18th century, and it retains some of its aristocratic Genoese heritage to this day.

History enthusiasts can explore the Maison Bonaparte, while nature lovers will be able to hike some of the most scenic trails in the Capo Rosso and Aitone Forest.

With regard to culinary exploration, take time to sample some local charcuterie at one of the cafes in the main square, Piazza Foch. For sunbathing and relaxation, there are plenty of idyllic beaches nearby. Avoid the crowds by taking a detour to Isolella beach on the southern side of the Gulf of Ajaccio.

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