7 Reasons You Can’t Miss the South of France on Your Yacht Charter

Even for those accustomed to la vie en rose, a yacht charter to the French Riviera is like seeing this corner of the world for the first time. Whether you’re eager to anchor up to a bustling nightlife scene or cozy up for a romantic night on the water, the South of France is home […]

Top 10 Secret Places to Visit on a Luxury Yacht in Ibiza & Formentera

Are the pressing crowds of the everyday beaches in Ibiza threatening to spoil your chartered yacht experience? Do you like stumbling upon some new place, some hidden gem? Well, this list is tailor-made for you. Here are some secret places that allure with privacy and Ibiza flair. Cala Llentrisca Purported to be one of the […]

Luxury Dining on Your Superyacht Charter

Superb cuisine and luxury superyacht vacations – they go together perfectly. While you are on a superyacht getaway sailing through the sparkling waters and exploring remote coves, the experience is made complete when you have delicious food to enjoy. Thanks to your onboard chef, you’ll be able to feast on superb tailor-made meals suited to […]

Little-Known Facts About the French Riviera

Ischia - Yacht Charter Destinations

Like a red rose or a bouncing baby, the French Riviera has nearly been canonized into cliche — its coastline synonymous with beauty; its cities the definition of color and culture. Still, there is much to discover beyond the well-traveled beaches and tourist destinations in the South of France. Here are some things you may […]

5 Financial Questions When Buying a Luxury Yacht

As a yacht consultancy in luxury yacht sales, we inevitably get asked hundreds of questions from first-time yacht buyers: “Should I build new or buy used? How big of a yacht should I buy? Where can I take my yacht? Which yachts are family-friendly?” plus many more. While there are a number of important factors to […]

The Traveler’s Guide To Discovering Ibiza

Ibiza, well-known for its wild clubs and debauchery, is also home to tranquil beaches, luxurious five-star lodging, and fine restaurants. Main towns and the best marinas are sprinkled with scores of organic restaurants, top-of-the-line gyms and trendy boutiques reverberating with energy and rhythm. It’s no wonder that the global elite flock to this Balearic island […]

7 Surprising Secrets Your Yacht Charter Broker Should Disclose

The main goal of yacht charter brokers is to help you plan, book and organize your luxury yacht charter vacation. They earn a handsome commission and you receive an unforgettable vacation experienced by only a lucky few. A win-win, right? Well, maybe. If your yacht charter broker hasn’t fully revealed what you should expect and […]

Top 10 Reasons to Charter a Luxury Yacht

Charter a Luxury Yacht to experience exceptional relaxation. Sensational adventure. No resort villa or expensive cruise can provide the feeling of freedom you get by chartering a luxury yacht. Imagine you’re floating amid a string of atolls. It’s midmorning and there’s a cool, salty breeze rustling through your hair. You hear the call of native […]

How To Charter A Luxury Yacht – Advice From The Experts

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A yacht charter, as you know, is an investment — in your own relaxation, your own pleasure abroad. Like any discerning investor, you want to make sure your return justifies the expense. If this is your first time to charter a luxury yacht, there are several considerations that can make or break your experience. Ready […]